Primary Source Readers Content and Literacy: Grade 1 Add-on Pack

  • Grade: 1
  • Guided Reading Level: E-K
  • Item: 18838
  • ISBN: 9781433378386
  • Language: English

Add additional copies of each book in the Content and Literacy in Social Studies Grade 1 kit. Add-on Pack includes one of each book in the kit (set of 16). Titles include:

  • Happy Fourth of July!
  • I Pledge Allegiance to the Flag
  • What Makes a Town?
  • What Makes a Family?
  • Getting Around Town
  • Getting Around School
  • Who Makes the Rules?
  • Respect the Rules!
  • Saving and Spending
  • Goods and Services Around Town
  • Be Fair!
  • Be a Good Leader
  • Earning Money
  • Jobs Around Town
  • Amazing Americans: Susan B. Anthony
  • Amazing Americans: Abraham Lincoln

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