Primary Source Readers Content and Literacy: Grade 3 Add-on Pack (Spanish)

  • Grade: 3
  • Lexile: 510L-650L
  • Guided Reading Level: L-P
  • Item: 22642
  • ISBN: 9781493806423
  • Language: Spanish

Supplement your reading program and expand your classroom library with additional copies of each Spanish book included in the Primary Source Readers Content and Literacy: Grade 3 Kit (Spanish Version).

These 16 high-interest nonfiction books, translated in Spanish, are appropriately leveled for third grade students and paired by a similar theme. With dynamic primary sources, develop students' curiosity about the world around them and build content-area literacy in all four strands of social studies: history, civics, geography, and economics.

Titles in this Add-on Pack include (32 pages each):

  • La cultura de Estados Unidos (American Culture)
  • Culturas de todo el mundo (Cultures Around the World)
  • La capital de nuestra nación: Washington D. C. (Our Nation's Capital: Washington, DC)
  • Honremos a nuestros héroes: Día de los Veteranos (Remembering Our Heroes: Veterans Day)
  • La Constitución de EE. UU. y tú (The U.S. Constitution and You)
  • Nuestro gobierno: Las tres ramas (Our Government: The Three Branches)
  • Nostoros, el pueblo: Valores cívicos en Estados Unidos (We the People: Civic Values in America)
  • Haz tu parte: Servicio a la comunidad (Doing Your Part: Serving Your Community)
  • Construyamos nuestro medio ambiente (Shaping Our Environment)
  • Nuestro medio ambiente en constante cambio (Our Ever-Changing Environment)
  • Maravillas de Estados Unidos hechas por el hombre (America's Man-Made Landmarks)
  • Maravillas naturales de Estados Unidos (America's Natural Landmarks)
  • Recursos de capital y la economía (Capital Resources and the Economy)
  • Nuestros recursos naturales (Our Natural Resources)
  • Estadounidenses asombrosos: Thurgood Marshall (Amazing Americans: Thurgood Marshall)
  • Estadounidenses asombrosos: Rosa Parks (Amazing Americans: Rosa Parks)
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