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Science Readers: Content and Literacy: Grade 2 Kit

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  • Grade: 2
  • Lexile: 310L-600L
  • Guided Reading Level: F-O
  • Interest Level: 1-4
  • Item: 21597
  • ISBN: 9781480745971
  • Language: English

Bring all three strands of science to life with these engaging, colorful science readers! Second grade students will be able to understand new scientific content with the help of easy-to-read informational text, vibrant images, and examples of scientific practices. Each reader in this kit includes instructions for a fun science activity and related practice problems to provide additional support and a hands-on learning experience. Support STEM education with these 5E lessons that are aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards and incorporate writing to increase overall comprehension and concept development.

Science Readers: Content and Literacy: Grade 2 Kit includes:

  • Leveled books to support differentiation strategies (16 titles, 6 copies of each, 32 pages per book in print and digital formats)
  • Teacher's Guide with before-, during-, and after-reading strategies, introductory and lab activities to develop academic vocabulary, and strategies to authentically assess student learning formatively and summatively
  • Digital resources including Interactiv-eBooks, digital versions of each book (in PDF format), reproducible student activity pages, and audio recordings

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Series highlights include:

  • Books - 16 titles, 6 copies each, 32 pages per book in print and digital formats, and leveled pairs for differentiation
  • Teacher's Guide with reading, writing, and science objectives
  • 16 Data-Analysis Activities
  • Digital Resources including books, text of each title, lab activities, and reproducibles
  • The Futures Channel® videos

Books - 16 titles, 6 copies each, 32 pages per book

Paired leveled readers support one concept within a unit of study, providing students with scientific informational text at their individual reading levels. Each book will draw students' attention to essential vocabulary and offer numerous pictures, graphics, and illustrations to support the text. A lab activity awaits students at the end of each book.

Teacher's Guide

Provide teachers with a way to integrate their teaching of language arts and science while making accommodations for differences in student reading abilities and levels of understanding. Each lesson employs the 5E model of instruction, which encourages an inquiry-based learning environment.

Teacher's Guide

16 Data-Analysis Activities

Data-Analysis Activities present concepts and data related to the topic of the unit and support the content of the readers.

Digital Resources

  • Books in digital format
  • Text of readers
  • Lab activities
  • Student reproducibles


Teachers are provided eight short videos from The Futures Channel® in each kit. These videos are ideally suited to introducing concepts, activating prior knowledge, and inspiring interest in sometimes complex and abstract concepts.

Correlations to National, State, and Province Standards

FOSS Science Readers Standards

Next Generation Science Standards

AEP Distinguished Achievement Award Winner AEP Distinguished Achievement Award Winner

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