Smithsonian Readers: Georgia: Second Grade Add-on Pack

  • Grade: 2
  • Item: 111155
  • ISBN: 9781644919972
  • Language: English

Build students' literacy and science skills while fostering curiosity, creativity, and innovation! Created in collaboration with the Smithsonian Institution, this STEAM Add-on Pack uses real-world examples to give students insight into how the engineering design process is used to solve real-world problems. This Grade 2 Add-on Pack includes 1 copy of each title in the kit. Titles include:

  • Saving a Sinking City
  • Dealing with Wildfires
  • Living in Sunlight Extremes
  • Making Water Safe
  • From Grass to Bridge
  • Safe Cycling
  • Cooking Innovations
  • Mimicking Nature
  • Hatching a Chick
  • Raising Silkworms
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