TIME FOR KIDS® Nonfiction Readers: Early Fluent 6-Pack Collection

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  • Grade: 2
  • Lexile: 390L-780L
  • Guided Reading Level: I-M
  • Interest Level: 1-3
  • Item: 21242
  • ISBN: 9781480742420
  • Language: English

Find out what life is like in the rainforest, uncover the secrets of the human brain, step into the shoes of three inspiring individuals, and more with this 6-Pack collection. Supplement your reading program, build your classroom library, and enhance your intervention program with high-interest nonfiction leveled books. These colorful books feature content from TIME FOR KIDS®, with themes from science, mathematics, and social studies. Children will want to read these books that include familiar concepts, high-interest content, and a variety of colorful graphics. This 180-book collection includes six copies of each title plus lesson plans. The titles in this collection include:

  • A Visit to a Car Factory
  • A Visit to a Farm
  • A Visit to a Marine Base
  • Next Stop: Canada
  • Next Stop Mexico
  • Next Stop: The Caribbean
  • Earthquakes!
  • Tornadoes and Hurricanes!
  • Volcanoes!
  • Eagles Up Close
  • Horses Up Close
  • Snakes Up Close
  • Craft It: Hand-Blown Glass
  • Build It: Skyscrapers
  • Make It: Chocolate
  • Step into the Forest
  • Step into the Desert
  • Step into the Rainforest
  • Our Earth
  • Outer Space
  • The Solar System
  • Look Inside: Your Brain
  • Look Inside: Your Skeleton and Muscles
  • Look Inside: Your Heart and Lungs
  • Count Me In! School Carnival
  • Count Me In! Soccer Tournament
  • Count Me In! What's for Lunch?
  • George Washington
  • Martin Luther King Jr
  • Susan B. Anthony



Series highlights include:

  • Books - 15 titles, 6 copies each, 12-64 pages per book in print and digital formats
  • Teacher's Guide with easy-to-implement lesson plans for each book
  • Assessment Guide in print and digital formats that include placement tests and formative and summative assessments
  • Home-School Connections
  • Interactiv-eBooks with three activities per book (one for word work, one for comprehension, and one for writing)
  • Audio Recordings of books to model fluent reading

Books - 15 titles, 6 copies each plus lesson plans

Each leveled reader motivates students to want to read with high-interest content and engaging illustrations and photographs. The authentic reading experiences help students develop vocabulary, comprehension, and fluency skills.

Teacher's Guide

Provide teachers with the tools they need to do their jobs more effectively with easy-to-use, standards-based lesson plans. Each lesson is organized in a consistent format for ease of use. Emergent through Fluent Plus Teacher's Guide lessons focus on two of the following key nonfiction skills or strategies:

  • Activating prior knowledge
  • Drawing inferences
  • Questioning
  • Synthesizing information
  • Determining importance
  • Visualizing and monitoring comprehension

Advanced through Challenging Plus Teacher's Guide lessons focus on two of the following nonfiction skills or strategies:

  • Establishing a purpose
  • Monitoring reading
  • Using prior knowledge
  • Summarizing and paraphrasing
  • Previewing
  • Using mental images
  • Understanding text structure
  • Predicting

Each trio of readers is accompanied by a variety of texts such as primary sources, articles, poems, and other text types.

Teacher's Guide

Assessment Guide

Each Assessment Guide in this series includes research about assessments, how to use the assessments provided with the product, a series Placement Test in digital format, an oral reading record and multiple choice questions for each book, references cited, and an answer key for the lessons.

Assessment Guide


Integrate technology into literacy instruction and prepare students for a more technologically advanced world through Interactiv-eBooks provided in each Nonfiction Readers kit.

Enhance instruction through meaningful tools for interacting with the text. For assessing students' fluency and comprehension, teachers can use the Interactiv-eBooks to prompt questions within the text through digital sticky notes, as well as encourage students to record themselves reading with the record tool to practice fluent reading.

Interactiv-eBooks can be used in a group, paired, or individual setting. Interactiv-eBooks are available as a Single Classroom License in each Nonfiction Readers kit, but can be ordered as School Site Licenses as well.

Audio Recordings

Professional recordings of books and poems model fluent reading.

Home-School Connections

Encourage parents and families to extend their child's reading development and build literacy skills at home with the Parent Tips booklet provided digitally within each Nonfiction Readers kit.

Filled with tips to help develop reading skills at home, teachers can easily print and share the document with parents and caregivers to use with their children. In addition to informational texts found at home, digital versions of each book in the kit can also be printed and replicated for students to take home.

Home-School Connections

Correlations to National, State, and Province Standards

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