Write TIME®: Level 6 Kit

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  • Grade: 6
  • Interest Level: 5-8
  • Item: 18334
  • ISBN: 9781433373343
  • Language: English

Watch your students' enthusiasm for writing take off with Write TIME FOR KIDS® Level 6 Kit, a systemic and thoughtfully planned writing program that addresses the four major genres identified for college and career readiness: Opinion/Argument, Informative/Explanatory, Narrative Nonfiction, and Narrative Fiction.

Designed with research-supported instructional practices in mind, this kit emphasizes writing, language, and reading standards with engaging mentor texts, guided instruction, and purposeful practice. Students will acquire mastery in their writing through reading analysis, improving their writing process, and distinguishing between the varying text structures for each writing genre.

Write TIME FOR KIDS® Level 6 Kit successfully meets the needs of the classroom and brings excitement and rigor, all in one cohesive package.

  • 32 Mentor Text Cards and guided writing lesson plans
  • 4 Teacher's Guides with 8 specific lessons for each writing genre: Opinion/Argument, Informative/Explanatory, Narrative Nonfiction, and Narrative Fiction
  • 25 Full-Color Student Handbooks with lessons and activities
  • Best Practices Guide for teacher support and reference
  • Technology Platform with special features like annotation tools and differentiated graphic organizers to enhance instruction and learning


Series highlights include:

  • 32 High-Interest Mentor Text Cards with writing models and practices
  • 4 Teachers Guides with 8 specific lessons for each writing genre: Opinion/Argument, Informative/Explanatory, Narrative Nonfiction, and Narrative Fiction
  • 25 Student Handbooks with lessons and activities
  • A Best Practices Guide to make teaching the series easy for teachers
  • A Technology Platform to integrate technology into the learning process
Write TIME®: Level 6 Kit

Teacher's Guides

The four genre-specific Teacher's Guides prepare easy-to-follow and easy-to-implement instructions and activities in order for students to master their writing applied to each text structure. Each guide includes:
  • 8 adjustable, interactive lesson plans that outline practices in language, content, and the writing process.
  • Exploration into each genre and analysis of mentor texts as a reference to guide students.
  • Instructions on how to execute and achieve the objective for each lesson.
  • Exemplars, rubrics, and assessments for teachers and students to assess their writing and facilitate improvement.
  • Lesson extensions and activities to help students further their understanding of each lesson and genre.
Write TIME®: Level 6 Kit

Student Handbook

There are 25 student handbooks for each kit, allowing one per student. Complementary to the lessons and activities outlined in the Teacher's Guides, each handbook is organized by genre and is an essential tool for students' interaction with the series objective to gain reading and writing skills through own personal practice.

Mentor Text Cards

These high-interest Mentor Text Cards will allow students to become familiar with the fun and relevant TIME FOR KIDS® content as well as offer a variety of effective writing models. Students will be able to apply these mentor text models in their own writing practices and endeavors in each specific genre. Each kit includes 8 Mentor Texts for each of the four genres that correspond to each specific, teacher-instructed lesson.

Best Practices Guide

The series Best Practices Guide serves as a research-based additional resource for teachers to provide the foundation for constructing effective lesson plans within the four genre-specific writing structures. This thorough guide offers:

  • 4 detailed model lessons that includes suggestions for breaking down teaching writing lessons, going through the distinct stages of the writing process, and writers' workshops
  • Instructions for executing the series' necessary learning objectives and assessments.
  • Scope and Sequence in the programs for Writing, Reading, Language and Vocabulary, Fluency and Speaking, and Listening.
  • An Index of Article Topic and Mentor Texts for reference to give background of each lesson plan.

Best Practices Guide

Digital Resources

A Technology Platform helps students interact with the skill-building digital components of the program.
  • Annotations and highlighting tools to develop close reading skills.
  • Digital graphic organizers and drafting tools to improve the writing process.
  • Keyboarding skills to familiarize students with electronic testing.
  • Audio of Mentor Texts to enhance reading and fluency.
Write TIME®: Level 6 Kit