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Strategies for Effective Balanced Literacy

ISBN: 9781425815196
Item: 51519
Mary Jo Fresch

This easy-to-follow resource is filled with practical approaches to help teachers transition towards a balanced literacy framework. Designed for both newer and veteran teachers alike, this straightforward book offers simple techniques and concrete strategies to nurture reading and writing skills. This guide helps teachers find engaging ways to support all learners and standards for college and career readiness.

Strategies for Effective Balanced Literacy offers a balanced approach to literacy focusing on:

  • Phonics and word study
  • Shared reading
  • Read aloud/modeled reading
  • Guided reading
  • Independent reading
  • Writing instruction
  • Assessment

Through understanding the developmental progression of word study, reading, writing, and purposeful assessments, teachers can create learning environments to more effectively meet students' needs.

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Customer reviews:
By Tara B., March 1, 2018
5 out of 5 stars
This book has so many examples and ideas that you can use in your classroom tomorrow! I was very impressed with the both the quality of the content, as well as the large appendix filled with templates, graphic organizers, and creative pages and ideas waiting to be used in a variety of classrooms. I cannot wait to go through this book again because I know I'll find a whole other slew of goodies the second time through. Thanks!