What is Focused Math Intervention?

Our focused math intervention activities are intended for students in grades ranging from kindergarten to Grade 8. Each kit offers effective strategies to support math instruction, increase student mastery in key math skills like basic computation and solving word problems, and improve mathematics performance in struggling learners. Teachers and parents can rest assured our programs are grounded in current research yet fun and engaging for students of all ages.

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Digital Resources

  • PDFs of student activity pages as fillable PDF forms
  • PDFs of teacher resources that include graphic organizers, pacing plans, etc.
  • Assessments as Google Forms
  • 3 Math Fluency Game sets
  • Refocus Mini-Lessons provided as Power Point® and PDF files

Virtual Learning Support

  • Recorded video tutorials for synchronous and asynchronous learning to help teachers and instructional aides understand how to implement the program for best results.

Watch a sample live/synchronous lesson

Watch a sample recorded/asynchronous lesson

Teacher's Guide

  • Students will learn how to be active math learners through explicit instruction using high yield mathematical strategies.
  • The lessons are carefully designed to support math intervention teachers, instructors, coaches, and paraprofessionals with clear examples and instructional guidance.
  • 30 standards-driven lessons designed for explicit instruction in math intervention that can be used in a variety of instructional settings (summer school, after-school programs, pull-out tutoring).
  • Focused instruction on key foundational skills including whole and rational numbers, arithmetic combinations, geometry, measurement, data, and probability.

Assessment Guide

  • Each level of Focused Mathematics Intervention provides teachers with numerous opportunities for assessment in print and digital formats.
  • Provides formative and summative assessments and progress-monitoring opportunities for each lesson to help teachers plan, collect data, and monitor student/group/class growth.
  • Available in print and digital formats.

Student Guided

  • Struggling learners receive the support they need to ensure the successful comprehension of key mathematical concepts with the full-color Student Guided Practice Book.
  • We Do activity supports gradual release of responsibility model.
  • You Do activity facilitates independent practice.
  • Quick Check easily monitors student progress.
  • Refocus offers extra instruction through increased scaffolding for students.
  • Independent Practice page reinforces content from the lesson.
  • Math in the Real World encourages students to apply the math concept to a real-world problem-solving scenario.
  • Reflection page encourages students to share their mathematical understanding. Includes one copy; additional copies can be ordered.


  • Games are a fun way for students to develop, maintain, and reinforce mastery of essential mathematical concepts and processes.
  • Each kit in Focused Mathematics Intervention includes 6 Math Fluency Games: 3 Math Fluency Game Sets and 3 Digital Math Fluency Games.
  • Engaging and age-appropriate art and themes to excite struggling learners in practicing math in game form.
  • Options for individual and group play. Immediate feedback through sound effects in the digital games to hold students' attention while playing.

Student Engagement

  • Builds and reinforces key math fluency skills through cooperative math fluency games.
  • Games engage students as it guides them toward independent skill application. Strikes a balance between conceptual knowledge and procedural understanding for increased math skills and fluency.

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Focused Mathematics Intervention Sample Pages

Want to see all the great resources that are included with this product?

This sample includes the following:

  • lessons
  • activity pages
  • teacher's guide pages
  • and more!

Focused Mathematics Intervention Unboxing Video

Teaching - approach-to-intervention - Live Webinar with TCM

How to Make an Impact in Your Intervention Programs

Make a strong start to the second half of the school year! Join us for a dynamic webinar on implementing high-yield instructional strategies and systems during school intervention programs to accelerate student growth. We will discuss how to meet the needs of all students.

In this session, participants will learn to:

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  • Incorporate engaging and entertaining instructional activities in all content areas.



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How to Make an Impact in Your Intervention Programs

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  I really enjoyed utilizing the Focused Intervention Kits this summer. The materials that were provided in the kits were very useful and resourceful. I was able to pinpoint exactly what skills my students needed to work on based on the results from the Pretest. The lessons were great for whole group and small group lessons. I plan to utilize some of the information from the kit next year!!  

  The goal of raising expectations and achievement gains for what students should learn and be able to do academically makes it increasingly important to use the precise instructional materials in math and reading that are effective at improving student achievement, Teacher Created Materials math and reading kits is just the right fit. The eight-step curricular process begins with a shared experience, which is an activity, task, or game that is open-ended, lesson focus, word work, language and vocabulary, written responsive, challenge question, quick checks and can be a stand-alone experience or one built on students’ life experiences. As a teacher, I appreciated that I didn’t have to pull materials for reading and math intervention time blocks for my students, therefore leaving more time to plan for the mini-lessons.  

  Focused Mathematics and Focused Reading were a huge success. Students and teachers loved them. Our students showed SIGNIFICANT growth in Reading and Math. Students asked why they couldn't use the kits throughout the year. My teachers said that it was the easiest summer they have had and would teach again if they could use the kits. I can't thank you enough for your support and help with the project. It was a HUGE success.  

  The kits provided the essential elements and resources needed to address students of varying backgrounds, reading abilities, and learning styles. The teachers within our program were able to follow all lessons with ease as well as implement the suggested research-based strategies to ensure that they were addressing and meeting each child’s academic needs in reading and math.  

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Relevant information

A Focus on Mathematics Intervention is Key to Future Fact Fluency and Math Accuracy in Students

Teacher Created Materials strives to support students and educators with evidence-based learning strategies and research-based teaching tools to help them succeed in all subjects. Our Focused Mathematics Intervention kits are great classroom and summer school resources for individual students and groups alike, with students experiencing an average gain of 23.8% between pre and post test scores (p.25, FMI White Paper) as a direct result of intervention.

Students as early as kindergarten must develop an understanding of basic math concepts to ensure future fact fluency and successful math achievement in later grades, especially when performing applied math skills like solving word problems. Students with learning disabilities like language or math disabilities are especially at risk of struggling during math activities, so teachers are encouraged to perform regular formative assessments - like those found within our kit - to identify and provide intervention for struggling learners as early as possible.

In conjunction with our intervention kits, we offer additional resources to educators like our free On-Demand Webinars with Alex Kajitani and Alan Becker. These free math intervention workshops provide educators with pertinent information and key strategies to:

  1. identify and reverse learning loss through intensive intervention during summer school programs,
  2. combat current and future learning loss due to the pandemic, and
  3. how to engage students successfully when learning math online.

For educators looking for more information on conducting math interventions, such as Tier 1 practices in classroom math interventions for elementary students, please feel free to contact an experienced TCM educational consultant today.

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