Committed to creating a world in which children love to learn, Teacher Created Materials and Shell Education present a series of webinars bringing current information on topics you can't afford to miss!

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  • Building Vocabulary through Greek and Latin Roots
    • Expand students repertoire of words painlessly!
      Join the authors of Greek & Latin Roots: Keys to Building Vocabulary and Building Vocabulary Timothy Rasinski, Nancy Padak, Rick Newton, and Evangeline Newton as they share effective and efficient ways to approach vocabulary instruction that will support language requirements for acquiring and accurately using vocabulary knowledge. Learn more!

  • Engage Me! Using Brain-Powered Strategies & Lessons

    • Engage your students, build higher-order thinking skills, and remove boredom from the classroom! Are you trying to figure out ways to fit all your curriculum, standards, and instructional needs in? Is that even possible? By using Brain-Powered Strategies and Brain-Powered Lessons, you can! Join author LaVonna Roth, M.S.Ed., as she focuses on engaging students by using strategies informed by brain research that pinpoint how the brain learns. Learn more!

  • Essential Math Skills: Developing a Deep Understanding for Grades Pre-K to 3

    • Boost essential math skills, build math confidence, and teach math in an entire new way! Some math skills deserve more than coverage. They are fundamental to a child's ability to understand and learn math, and deserve the time and instruction needed to develop deep understanding. Join Bob Sornson, Ph.D., author of Essential Math Skills: Over 250 Activities to Develop Deep Understanding, as he explains how these crucial skills are the core of the core and must be developed to competency. Learn more!

  • Focused Reading Intervention
    • Effective Components of Reading Intervention
      Join editor Jamey Acosta as she explores our new Focused Reading Intervention program that meets the rigor and demands of the Common Core and other state standards, helping students read deeply and analytically. Learn more!
  • "How Should I Say That?" The School Leader's Guide to Motivating People with Powerful Conversations and Feedback
    • Motivate others and become an effective leader through powerful communication!
      With the call for change across the country, leaders are challenged to make every conversation count as they focus and motivate people to successfully orchestrate change within their school or district. How will you make a difference and become a stronger leader? Join the author of Orchestrating School Change: Transforming Your Leadership, Michael Murphy, Ed.D. as he uncovers practical and effective tools and strategies to transform your leadership. Learn more!

  • Integrating the Arts Across the Content Areas
    • Creative thinkers. Effective communicators. Problem-solvers.
      Learn how arts integration improves instruction by going beyond the initial step of helping students learn and recall information. Reach the highest level of Bloom's taxonomy by guiding students in creating artistic products that build deeper understanding with authors Dr. Lisa Donovan and Dr. Louise Pascale. Learn more!
  • Language Power
    • Facilitating Thinking and Language
      Dr. Mora-Flores will dig deep into the thinking required for our students to meet the Common Core Standards and other state standards and how language plays a significant role for a successful outcome.  Participants will gain insights on Dr. Mora-Flores research and how it works in the classroom through the Language Power program. Learn more!
  • Learning through Poetry
    • Help early readers develop the connection between the sounds they hear and the words they see.
      Join the authors of Learning through Poetry, David Harrison and Mary Jo Fresch for a truly unique journey that explores how to use poems to point out particular sound patterns to help early learners build phonemic awareness and phonic skills through developmentally appropriate lessons and activities. Learn more!
  • Math Games
    • Engaging Students with Effective Motivational Strategies
      In this webinar, Ruth Harbin-Miles, Don Balka, and Ted Hull will discuss encouraging and challenging students with mathematics games and activities that are aligned to the Common Core and other state standards. Learn more!
  • One Step at a Time: Navigating the Staircase of Text Complexity
    • The Common Core Standards and other state standards require increased exposure to an array of complex text with the goal to develop the skills, concentration, and stamina necessary to tackle the content of these texts and cultivate deep and lasting understandings. Join Kimberly Stockton as she navigates the staircase of complexity. Learn more!
  • Preventing Summer Learning Loss
    • Motivate students to apply their "school year" knowledge all summer long. Research shows that students who are provided with relevant, meaningful avenues by which to learn about and analyze the world around them can not only maintain their academic skills but also stretch their learning capacity. With engaging games, high-interest books, everyday math and science activities, and real-world journaling and scrapbooking, children can apply their academic skills throughout the summer months and have fun doing it. Please join us for hands-on, practical strategies for preventing learning loss and keeping kids sharp all summer long. Learn more!
  • Strategies for Interactive Notetaking
    • How will YOU bring 21st Century Skills into the classroom?
      We are faced with daily challenges to transform our teacher-led classrooms to a student-centered one, insuring that we provide students with the opportunities to use critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and most importantly creativity. Join author Judith Goodman, M.A.Ed. as she takes you through a hands-on approach to interactive notetaking. Learn more!
  • Teaching through Text Sets
    • What are text sets and why do you need them?
      Join Susan Copeland, Ph.D., as she discusses the importance of teaching students how to read like detectives and write like investigative reporters with the use of text set in the classroom. Creating and implementing text sets will help you meet the goals of a 21st century education by building depth of knowledge, helping students analyze craft and structure, and integrating knowledge and ideas as called for in the Common Core and other state standards. Learn more!
  • The Missing Link: Strategies for Formative Assessment with English Language Learners
    • Discover the missing link in understanding the role of assessment in order to guide and enhance the learning experience for English language learners. Join author Sonja Bloetner, M.A., as she clarifies how to truly integrate formative assessments, embedding them thoughtfully and authentically within lessons that cater to the needs of English language learners. Learn more!

  • Think It, Show It Mathematics
  • Think It, Show It Science
    • Communicate Scientific Thinking through Writing and Speaking
      "Science is what I was trained in, not English and grammar." Science teachers, regardless of what state you teach within, are you finding that you are required to incorporate more writing into your classrooms?  Join the author, Gregory Denman in this webinar as he provides you with assistance to guide students in communicating their scientific thinking through writing and speaking. Learn more!
  • Tools to Teach Academic Vocabulary
    • Learn Vocabulary Strategies from noted expert, Dr. Timothy Rasinski. In this session Dr. Rasinski highlights research-based vocabulary strategies to help teachers guide students to mastery of academic and content-specific vocabulary words. Dr. Rasinski explains and delineates high-yield strategies and tools to help teachers guide students in their personal journeys to develop more robust vocabularies for success in college and careers. Learn more!
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