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  • Include tips and best practices to help guide teachers on how to effectively incorporate Interactiv-eBooks to optimize learning.
  • Interactive tools and activities allow students to interact with the text to extend learning.

Audio Recordings

  • Includes professional audio recordings of books to model fluent and expressive reading.

Digital Resources

  • Digital versions of each book in PDF format and reproducible student activity pages to make teacher prep streamlined and accessible for in-person or distanced learning.

Teacher's Guide

  • Easy-to-implement lessons and activities foster students' curiosity about the world around them.
  • To further meet the needs of students and teachers, the lessons and activities support STEM instruction and are aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards.
  • Easy-to-implement teacher guided lessons that address both literacy and science objectives.
  • Lessons come with a three-part framework: before-, during-, and after-reading strategies.
  • Includes introductory and lab activities to develop academic vocabulary and strategies to authentically assess student learning. Mulitple assessment types help guide instruction.


  • Provide students with access to high-quality informational text partnered with scientific investigations. 
  • The books cover the three strands of science: life, physical, and earth and space. One book in each kit is devoted completely to scientific practices.
  • 16 titles, 6 copies each, 24-32 pages per book in print and digital formats Multiple texts aroud common themes build conceptual knowledge.
  • Features hands-on lab activities to engage students in the scientific content and authenticate their learning.

Student Engagement

  • Builds inquiry skills and reading comprehension.
  • Helps students learn about important scientific contributions and be inspired for their own futures.
  • Sparks curiosity which leads to faster learning, processing, and retention of new concepts.

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Science Readers Sample Pages

Want to see all the great resources that are included with this product?

This sample includes the following:

  • lessons
  • activity pages
  • teacher's guide pages
  • and more!

Full STEAM Ahead: Using Project-Based Learning to Accelerate Learning

Perfect for the summer or intervention programs, collaborative or project-based learning opportunities allow students to grow and build a range of skills. STEAM challenges offer the chance to build academic vocabulary, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills.

This collaborative work builds all five core components of social and emotional learning and gives our students rich opportunities for listening, speaking, and collaboration.

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Strategies for Teaching Science

Facilitate students’ exploration of science and STEAM concepts with sound strategies for engaging, exploring, evaluating, elaborating, and explaining science concepts with real-world connections.

In this workshop, educators will:

  • Engage students in the scientific process and inspire curiosity and perseverance while developing crucial critical thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Captivate students’ minds with thought-provoking, open-ended discussions and projects.
  • Cultivate content-area literacy by using related texts and writing prompts to help them explain their thinking
  • Organize lessons and projects that provide interesting, content-based, grade-appropriate science activities that bring science to life for students
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Best Practices Webinar

Building Knowledge and Vocabulary: Reading Complex Text Across the Content Areas

Students need to access rich, challenging text to develop knowledge, build vocabulary, and improve comprehension across the content areas.

As students tackle difficult text, a wide breadth of effective strategies are needed to uncover meaning and build students’ skillset.

In this workshop, educators will:

  • Discover nuances within text that make it difficult
  • Uncover student-centered ways to support knowledge and vocabulary development
  • Encounter and practice strategies to empower students to conquer challenging text
Training Options


On-Site Coaching

Best Practices Webinar

Get the Picture: Visual Literacy in Content-Area Instruction

Literacy learning is no longer limited to reading, writing, listening, and speaking; we must include visual communication and expand our definition of what it means to be literate.

This professional development workshop will provide teachers with new and engaging strategies to help students learn how to analyze and create through visual communication.

Based on practical research, this workshop offers concrete tools and techniques and a wide range of suggested visual texts to effectively use in the classroom from primary sources, to digital media and the visual-heavy world of 21st century learning.

Attendees will:

  • Examine ways to incorporate visual texts into instruction, including what visual literacy lessons look like in the primary grades
  • Practice instructional strategies and develop sample lessons for teaching students to read visual texts for understanding
  • Practice and discover instructional strategies for guiding students to visually illustrate understanding, specifically targeting support for improving reading and writing
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Keynote Presentations and Webinars


On-Site Coaching

Best Practices Webinar


  This is a well-done series of short and colorful books on a variety of topics ranging from plants to space. The series has numerous authors and each book contains beautiful color photographs. The wording is age-appropriate, but still encourages new vocabulary. The scientific explanations are thorough, with just the right amount of information for young readers. Students can read these independently, or a teacher can easily work them into science lessons.  

  The books have a friendly tone that strikes the perfect balance between matter-of-factness and wonder.  

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