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Praise for Advancing Differentiation: Thinking and Learning for the 21st Century (Revised & Updated Edition)

“If you find it difficult to navigate the often-perilous landscape of differentiation, Dr. Cash is the guide and guru you need. His gift to you is this survival kit. Use it well!”—David Michael Slater, teacher and author of over twenty books for children, teens, and adults
“My graduate students call this the ‘blue book,’ an apt title for a volume that defines value in education. They routinely report that they keep their copy on their desks long after their course is over. The second edition is even stronger than the first, with its increased focus on concept and capacity building. Many view differentiation in standards-based classrooms as an impossible dream, but Richard Cash joyfully and capably provides valid and viable strategies for teachers who know in their hearts that there is more to education than one-size-fits-all thinking.”—Frances R. Spielhagen, Ph.D., professor of education and director of the Center for Adolescent Research and Development (CARD) at Mount Saint Mary College
Advancing Differentiation is a game changer! This book helps me navigate through the challenges of differentiation by providing rigorous and practical methods that help my students uncover the deeper layers of learning.”—John Born, 7th-grade social studies teacher
Advancing Differentiation is a fantastic resource for teachers and teacher leaders to develop their understanding of differentiation. This book provides a number of powerful tools for teachers to develop their questioning skills, embed critical thinking into their classrooms, and create a learning environment that will motivate and engage a diverse range of learners.”—Jake Duke, STEM curriculum developer, Bellevue School District
“Cash adeptly blends advanced content, complex thinking, and conceptual understanding with the technologies of twenty-first century learning. This second edition lays out the essential components of a differentiated classroom including emphases on teaching big ideas through critical and creative thinking and problem solving. Cash blends theoretically sound ideas regarding curriculum and instruction with a clear guidance for applying differentiation in authentic learning spaces. This is a great book for teachers and curriculum designers.”—Todd Kettler, Ph.D., assistant professor, College of Education, University of North Texas

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Common Core State Standards

The Common Core State Standards (CCSS) have transformed the level of thinking and performance that students will need for competence in the 21st century. Advancing Differentiation provides a valuable resource for teachers in helping all students reach advanced levels of thinking. The book offers numerous ideas for motivating students to seek more sophisticated levels of critical questioning and creative action, while also giving teachers the support needed in developing powerful decision makers. Developing thinking skills is a daily activity that must be embedded into all lessons, not only those addressing the Common Core. Additionally, the CCSS require students to go beyond simply collecting facts and applying strategies. Advancing Differentiation includes techniques for dissecting standards and curriculum, and focusing learning on the interrelated conceptual frameworks embedded in all content areas—thereby increasing student engagement. This guide will provide you with useful evidence-based strategies that assist all students in advancing their levels of thinking and learning.
  • 2017 Legacy Book® Award

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