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Praise for How to Take the GROAN Out of Grown-Ups

“Most kids have plenty of adults in their lives. Sometimes they are easy to get along with, but sometimes it seems to be the most difficult thing in the world. So if a middle-grader could find a nice book chock-full of good advice about dealing with adults, that would be a real gift. And if the book had a friendly tone and used lots of humor and a ton of fun illustrations, that would be even better. And then, if none of it came across as being preachy, well, that would be almost too much to hope for, but this is that book. This is a winner.”—San Francisco Book Review

“If you need extra tips for surviving long car rides with your parents or small talk at your family get-togethers, check out How to Take the Groan out of Grown-Ups by Eric Braun.”—New Moon Girls

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