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Praise for Real Kids, Real Stories, Real Change

“Should be in all libraries!”—Noelle D., army wife and mommy blogger, Jumpin Beans blog

“Reviewer’s Choice.”—Midwest Book Review

“These true stories of children making significant change in their communities and countries will convince your students that one person can make a difference. The short chapters, which make excellent read alouds, tell of an eight-year-old who walked hundreds of miles to protest rain forest destruction in Mexico, a child with cancer who petitioned to stop the use of pesticides in Canada, and a young Taiwanese girl who fought for workers’ rights.”—Curriculum Connections

“Sit back and enjoy these 30 incredible human interest stories all about children who have faced extraordinary odds and accomplished near miracles.”—Skipping Stones Magazine

“Fabulous! This book is exciting, inspirational, and best of all, completely true!”—T.A. Barron, author of The Hero’s Trail

“A one-of-a-kind book that uses real-life examples to teach young people everywhere that they can make a positive difference.”—Midwest Book Review

“A treasure chest, rich with hope, heavily laden with motivating stories.”—Warren McLaren, Treehugger.com

“This collection of tales about real kids doing amazing things is inspiring.”—Washington Post

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