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Praise for Tap and Rap, Move and Groove

Tap and Rap, Move and Groove is a cleverly written children’s activity book that will unlock and captivate the heart of any child, while teaching useful sensory life skills. The amazing illustrator truly captured the perfect formula for a child to embrace learning, by focusing on diversity, inclusiveness, and having fun while doing creative activities that explore, develop, and stimulate the child’s mind through the art of creative movement. I love this book!”—Ka-Ron Brown Lehman, retired dancer, choreographer, and dance instructor for 58 years

“Author Connie Bergstein Dow and illustrator Debbie Palen have created a joy-filled guide to truly imaginative movement activities. Tap and Rap, Move and Groove is a treasure chest of thoughtfully developed and playfully combined words, sounds, rhythms, numbers, and illustrations expressing a range of emotions. This classroom guide is sure to spark the imaginations and lift the spirits of young children.”—Christopher Watson, Ph.D., former co-director, Center for Early Learning and Development, University of Minnesota Twin Cities

“I dare you to read through Connie Bergstein Dow’s Tap and Rap, Move and Groove and not want to start dancing with young children immediately! The collection of fourteen imaginative dance chants, such as ‘Lively Feet,’ ‘One, Two, Cha-Cha-Cha,’ and ‘Tappitty Rap’ is sure to delight movers of all ages. With lively illustrations of young children in motion by Debbie Palen, and easy-to-follow instructions on how to successfully introduce and use the chants in group settings, this is a must-read for any early childhood educator or parent. Highly recommended!”—Lynn Slaughter, former professional dancer/dance educator and award-winning novelist

“Connie Bergstein Dow’s new book is filled with ideas on how to reach and interest young children. Teachers of this creative and energetic age group will gain so many wonderful ideas from this delightful book. In addition, the illustrations are absolutely marvelous and inspiring.”—Elizabeth Weil Bergmann, retired dance director, Harvard University

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