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Praise for Visual Learning and Teaching:

“Unreservedly recommended.”—Midwest Book Review

“Today’s teachers need easily accessible resources at their fingertips to serve the wide range of students in their classrooms. Susan Daniels meets this challenge by deftly weaving practical, visual strategies with a deep understanding of why these visual approaches are effective for all learners. I predict that this guidebook, which is filled to the brim with creative visual communication lessons, will be a compelling addition to the shelves of contemporary educators looking to strengthen their repertoire of skills.”—Michele Kane, Ed.D., professor of special education at Northeastern Illinois University, Chicago
“I've been awaiting a visual thinking book for educators with the breadth and depth of this one. Dr. Daniels’s work made me want to read cover to cover and start again at the beginning. I’m confident Visual Learning and Teaching will be a resource for teachers for a very long time.”—Sunni Brown, chief human potentialist and best-selling author of Gamestorming and The Doodle Revolution
“I was pleased to see Susan Daniels’s Visual Learning and Teaching. Gradually we are all enlightened to the power of visual thinking. The best minds have used it to make discoveries in science, engineering, medicine, and technology and to design some of our most powerful tools. Now these ways of understanding are available to us all. In the past our schools have relied mainly on the ‘thin pipe’ to the brain of words and numbers. Now the newest visualization technologies provide us with a ‘fat pipe’ to the brain. I am enormously grateful to Dr. Daniels for providing a comprehensive and practical step-by-step pathway for teachers to help prepare students well for new worlds of work and understanding.”—Thomas G. West, author of In the Mind’s Eye, Thinking Like Einstein, and Seeing What Others Cannot See

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