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Praise for We Listen to Our Bodies

“This storybook introduction to learning about physical and emotional awareness will fill a need in preschool classrooms and libraries.”—School Library Journal

“This picture book imparts notable lessons about body awareness.”—Publishers Weekly 

“Very highly recommended.”—Children’s Bookwatch

We Listen to Our Bodies is the book parents have been begging for to help us articulate to our curious littles how to connect with their bodies and put words to what they are feeling. As the parent of both a child with extra needs and a neurotypical child, this book is perfect for both levels of understanding. With kind and gentle authorship and beautifully inclusive illustrations, Lydia and Isabel help parents and children see themselves within these pages. Whether you are a parent, an educator, or someone who recognizes how desperately our kids deserve to understand their bodies, their feelings, and their mental well-being, you won't regret adding this beautiful book to your collection!”—Brynn Burger, The Mama on the Rocks, national speaker, educational resource creator, and parenting coach 

“I absolutely love this beautifully inclusive, trauma-aware book that provides parents and caregivers with a great tool to support a child’s connection to their instincts, feelings, and the signals their body sends to help keep them safe. The characters and illustrations are thoughtfully crafted with representation of diverse identities, abilities, and families, making this a wonderful addition to every home. It’s a must-read if you want to raise a powerful, consent-conscious next generation!”—Melissa Pintor Carnagey, LBSW, founder of Sex Positive Families

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