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Praise for What Does Grief Feel Like?

“This gem should be in every school, and in just about every home and workplace, too. It’s high time that we brought this necessary and fundamental human experience out of the shadows. Thank you, Dr. Leigh, for doing exactly that, and just in time.”—BJ Miller, M.D., author of A Beginner's Guide to the End: Practice Advice for Living Life and Facing Death 
What Does Grief Feel Like? is a beautifully illustrated, interactive book for children grieving significant losses. Rather than instruct them how to feel, it allows them to explore their own feelings and experiences with gentle guidance and understanding.”— Donna L. Schuurman, Ed.D., FT, senior director of advocacy and education and executive director emeritus, Dougy Center
“A beautiful and tender book for children that will expand the emotional capacity and depth of understanding for them and the adults who love them.”— Dr. Joanne Cacciatore, professor at ASU and author of Bearing the Unbearable: Love, Loss, and the Heartbreaking Path of Grief
What Does Grief Feel Like? is a gift to grieving families. Through storytelling, this comprehensive resource empathetically guides young readers through the complex emotions of grief while simultaneously educating the adult reading alongside them. This sensitive book validates the overwhelming emotions felt when someone we love dies. Every person needs this book as death will affect us all at some point in our one precious lifetime.”— Amie Lands, author of Perfectly Imperfect Family and Navigating the Unknown
What Does Grief Feel Like? is a beautifully illustrated and thoughtful book that allows children to explore the many feelings of grief they may be experiencing after the loss of a loved one. Children who have experienced the death of someone in their life will see themselves in the pages of this book. As a child explores the book’s gentle questions and empathetic text, they will come to see that the emotions surrounding grief take many forms, and all of them are perfectly normal. It is a book that a child can return to many times, for reassurance, contemplation, and recognition of the grief they are feeling.  
“Dr. Leigh’s book also includes ‘A Guide for Caring Adults,’ an essential guide for any adult who is helping a child navigate the loss of a loved one. Highly accessible for both parents, caregivers, and professionals, Dr. Leigh’s calm, reassuring and respectful voice shines through. It's as if she is speaking just to the reader, offering practical and non-judgmental advice. It serves as a guide for adults doing the hardest work: helping a child deal with death and the wake of grief that follows. This book is a must for any professional working with children in a therapeutic setting, essential for families facing loss, and for any child who is grieving.”—Jeanette Molineaux, MA, CCLS, learning specialist, certified child life specialist, and parent educator.

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