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Praise for When a Friend Dies

“This compassionate book gracefully addresses the unique needs of teen grievers. It is accessible without being patronizing and allows them to work through their experience by building on the stories of others.”—Alan Wolfelt, Ph.D., director of the Center for Loss and Life Transition

When a Friend Dies offers a voice of understanding and guidance during the very personal and often lonely experience of loss. Dr. Gootman’s book is a friend who shares our journey of grief, a friend who does not take offense if we just want to be alone, and a friend we can introduce to others who need comfort. I am truly grateful for this book.”—John Bell, singer/guitarist, Widespread Panic

“Makes learning how to grieve as painless and soothing as possible . . . Gootman’s non-preachy and compassionate book gently handles this sensitive topic.”—NEA Today

“A great starting place for young people who are hurting.”—Voice of Youth Advocates

“This compassionate, user-friendly book lists pages of resources and suggested reading, and should be made available to teens.”—School Library Journal

“A tool with compassion and genuine understanding with advice that a grieving teen needs . . . This book should be on the shelf of any parent, teacher, counselor, or youth worker.”—Youthworker

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