Animales asombrosos: Insectos: Conteo salteado 6-Pack

  • Grade: K
  • Lexile: 80L
  • Guided Reading Level: C
  • Item: 29380
  • ISBN: 9781425829049
  • Language: Spanish

Count the buzzing bees, jumping crickets, and glowing fireflies. How many are there? Introduce young learners to skip counting and early STEM themes with this exciting Spanish title!

  • Vivid photographs and easy-to-read text help students build their math content knowledge and develop oral language skills as they describe what is happening in each image.
  • An engaging Problem Solving activity enhances the learning experience and promotes mathematical reasoning.
  • Math Talk features questions that develop students' speaking and listening skills.

This 6-Pack includes six copies of this title and a content-area focused lesson plan.

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