Exploring Primary Sources: Reconstruction, 2nd Edition

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  • Grade: 4-12
  • Interest Level: 3-14
  • Item: 111293
  • ISBN: 9780743911351
  • Language: English
fact-checked, historically accurate primary sources to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of how families have changed over centuries while saving teachers' valuable prep time. Exploring Primary Sources: Reconstruction focus on inquiry-based learning and increased rigor. Developed to meet the National Council for Social Studies standards (NCSS), WIDA/TESOL, McREL, and the C3 Framework, the well-organized lessons are easy to implement and prompt students to naturally begin to use critical thinking to delve deeply into analyzing historical events from multiple points of view.

Primary Sources: Reconstruction Kit includes:

  • 8 Primary Source Cards:
    • Home from Victorian era and row houses of today
    • Family history in portraits and snapshots
    • The tradition of family reunions then and now
    • And more...
  • 8 Primary Source Reproductions:
    • Family record showing family history and marriages from the 1800s
    • Traditional family cookie recipe
    • Sears, Roebuck and Company house advertisement
    • And more...
  • Teacher's guide
  • Digital resources


Series highlights include:

  • 8 Primary Source Reproductions
  • 8 Primary Source Cards
  • Teacher's Guide - Includes a lesson plan for each Primary Source Reproduction and Primary Source Card, document-based assessments, extension activities, and standards correlations
  • Digital resources - Include digital copies of all Primary Source Reproductions and Primary Source Cards, student reproducibles, and more than 50 additional digital primary sources
Exploring Primary Sources: Reconstruction, 2nd Edition

Primary Sources

Primary Source Cards

  • Provide historical context and detailed, historical background information for teachers and students
  • Strengthen critical-thinking skills through analysis of primary sources
  • Include questions and activities to prepare students for document-based assessments and tasks
  • Extend the learning with fiction and nonfiction historical writing prompts

Primary Source Reproductions

  • Develop understanding of the challenges and struggles of the Reconstruction Ear, which immediately followed the Civil War
  • Give students an opportunity to participate in the constructive process of history
  • Create an active learning environment that encourages full student participation
Exploring Primary Sources: Reconstruction, 2nd Edition

Teacher's Guide

The Teacher's Guide supports teacher capacity and provides extensive details about each component in the kit.

  • Includes a lesson plan for each Primary Source Card and Primary Source Reproduction
  • Features historical background pages with additional information about each primary source being studied
  • Includes correlations to standards, document-based assessments, and extension activities
Exploring Primary Sources: Reconstruction, 2nd Edition

Digital Resources

More than 50 additional digital primary sources promote further exploration and independent discovery. Digital resources include digital copies of all primary source reproductions and primary source cards, as well as student reproducibles that can be used online, at-home, or in the classroom.

Exploring Primary Sources: Reconstruction, 2nd Edition