Exploring Reading: Level 6 Complete Kit

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  • Grade: 6
  • Interest Level: 5-8
  • Item: 27083
  • ISBN: 9781425863692
  • Language: English

Guide students to become strong, independent, and excited readers! With Exploring Reading: Level 6 Complete Kit, students will master essential comprehension strategies, integrate multiple strategies to comprehend complex text, and apply the strategies to read a wide range of authentic texts. This year-long reading intervention curriculum is easy to use, and features flexible implementation and pacing that allow teachers to easily adopt it into their core language arts curriculum.

Short text cards and nonfiction readers created in partnership with TIME For Kids provide complex fiction and informational text to engage all learners. The Great Works Literature Units help students access high-quality text as they apply the strategies they've learned throughout the units to an authentic literature selection. Culturally and Linguistically Responsive Teaching tips and English Learner supports will equip teachers to help every student succeed. Aligned to McRel, Common Core State Standards (CCSS), and other state standards, this Kit will engage students to persevere in mastering foundational skills connected to the joy of reading.

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Series highlights include:

  • Nonfiction Books - 8 titles, 6 copies each
  • Text Cards - 24 titles, 6 copies each
  • Literature Selections - 2 titles, 6 copies each plus 1 Literature Guide per title
  • Best Practices Guide with professional development support
  • Student Guided Practice Books - 6 copies
  • Teacher's Guide with lesson plans and differentiation strategies
  • Assessment Guide with diagnostic and formative assessments
  • 8 Comprehension Strategy Posters to reinforce the reading strategies
  • Digital Resources including Interactiv-eBooks

Books—8 titles, 6 copies each plus lesson plans

Nonfiction, leveled readers with content from TIME for Kids® provide exciting, multi-page texts to introduce the big idea and the comprehension strategy. Each full-color book features high-interest content, dynamic photos, detailed sidebars, stimulating facts, and clear, informational text to engage students as they build their critical literacy skills. The books include informational text features such as a table of contents, a glossary, and an index to increase understanding and improve academic vocabulary. Digital formats of each title are also included.

Text Cards

High-interest, full-color Text Cards from TIME for Kids® provide short, rich passages across content areas and genres. Each kit contains 24 titles that connect content, vocabulary, and reading strategies to engage all learners. Digital formats of each title are also included.

Literature Selections

The Great Works Literature Guides and accompanying books allow students to build stamina and to read more complex literature. Students apply multiple strategies as they engage with full-length, grade-level text. This kit includes six copies of The Giver and Out Of My Mind and one Great Works: Instructional Guides for Literature for each title.

Best Practices Guide

The Best Practices Guide provides professional development support rooted in current and established research to make implementation smooth for teachers.

Teacher's Guide

Provide teachers with the tools they need to do their jobs more effectively with easy-to-use, standards-based lesson plans. Each lesson is organized in a consistent format for ease of use.

Each unit covers one key reading comprehension strategy organized around a big idea that is explored across multiple texts. Colorful comprehension posters are included to reinforce each reading strategy.

Instruction options are included to support culturally and linguistically diverse students and English language learners.

Student Guided Practice Book


Assessment Guide

Use data to drive instruction with a diagnostic test, summative and formative assessments, and oral reading assessments.

Interactiv-eBooks and interactive Text Cards

Digital resources support whole-group instruction and independent work for students. Interactiv-eBooks include audio support, videos, vocabulary pop-ups, annotation samples, and activities. Students can annotate and hear the text with Interactive Text Cards.

Audio Recordings

Professional recordings of books model fluent reading.

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