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Exploring Social Studies Texas: Grade 2 Add-on Pack (Spanish)

  • Grade: 2
  • Item: 23481
  • ISBN: 9781493814817
  • Language: Spanish

Supplement your social studies classroom with additional copies of each nonfiction title in the Exploring Social Studies: Texas Edition Grade 2 Bundle (Spanish Version). These 22 high-interest nonfiction books translated in Spanish are appropriately leveled for second grade students. Develop students' curiosity about the world around them and build content-area literacy in all four strands of social studies: history, civics, geography, and economics.

Titles in this Exploring Social Studies Texas: Grade 2 Add-On Pack (Spanish Version) include:

  • La historia de una familia (A Family's Story)
  • Estadounidenses asombrosos: Abigail Adams (Amazing Americans: Abigail Adams)
  • Estadounidenses asombrosos: Paul Revere (Amazing Americans: Paul Revere)
  • Estadounidenses asombrosos: Thurgood Marshall (Amazing Americans: Thurgood Marshall)
  • Amelia Earhart; Edificar la Casa Blanca (Building Up the White House)
  • Declarando nuestra independencia (Declaring Our Independence)
  • Las familias a lo largo del tiempo (Families Through Time)
  • George Washington Carver
  • Lideraré el camino (I'll Lead the Way)
  • Mapas de nuestra nación (Mapping Our Nation)
  • Mapas de nuestro mundo (Mapping Our World)
  • El dinero y el comercio en nuestro país (Money and Trade in Our Nation)
  • El dinero y el comercio en nuestro mundo (Money and Trade in Our World)
  • Próxima parada: Canadá (Next Stop: Canada)
  • Próxima parada: México (Next Stop: Mexico)
  • Las postales del oso Bosley (Postcards from Bosley Bear)
  • Sojourner Truth
  • El cumpleaños de Washington (Washington's Birthday)
  • La ley y tú (You and the Law)
  • El gobierno de EE. UU. y tú (You and the U.S. Government)
  • ¡Puedes contar conmigo! (You Can Count on Me!)

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