Focused Mathematics Intervention: Level 1 Kit

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  • Grade: 1
  • Interest Level: K-3
  • Item: 21147
  • ISBN: 9781480741478
  • Language: English

Build first grade students' mathematical fluency and reinforce key math concepts with this engaging, standards-based, easy-to-use math intervention program. This kit helps improve students' test scores with diagnostic assessments, concept tasks, and performance tasks that mirror state and national standards. Math in the Real World concept tasks introduce early learners to real-world problem-solving skills, promoting college and career readiness. Math fluency games help create an interactive learning environment that will engage students and guide them toward independent skill application.

Focused Mathematics Intervention Level 1 Kit includes:

  • Teacher's Guide with 30 standards-driven lessons
  • Full-Color Student Guided Practice Book
  • Assessment Guide
  • Digital resources


Series highlights include:

  • Teacher's Guide with 30 standards-driven lessons
  • One full-color Student Guided Practice Book (Each kit includes a single copy; additional copies can be ordered.)
  • 6 interactive, standards-based Math Fluency Games in print and digital formats
  • Assessment Guide with formative and summative assessments and progress-monitoring opportunities for each lesson
  • Digital Resources including electronic assessment options, student reproducibles, and 30 Refocus PowerPoint® lessons
Focused Mathematics Intervention: Level 1 Kit

Teacher's Guide

Students will learn how to be active math learners through explicit instruction of mathematical strategies. The lessons are carefully designed to support intervention teachers, instructors, coaches, and paraprofessionals with clear examples and instructional guidance. Lessons provide the following:

  • Opportunities for students to engage in a variety of rigorous mathematical problem types
  • Focused instruction on key foundational skills to focus on both whole and rational numbers, arithmetic combinations, geometry, measurement, data, and probability
  • Active application of mathematical word/story problem skills
  • Multiple opportunities to explain mathematical reasoning
  • Reinforcement of key math fluency skills through cooperative math fluency games

Teacher's Guide

Student Guided Practice Book

Students receive the support they need to ensure the successful comprehension of key mathematical concepts with the full-color Student Guided Practice Book.

  • A We Do activity to support the gradual release of responsibility model
  • A You Do activity to facilitate independent practice
  • A Quick Check to easily monitor students' progress
  • A Refocus activity for students who need more instruction
  • An Independent Practice page to reinforce mathematical content taught in the lesson
  • A Math in the Real World concept task for students to apply the math concept in a real-life scenario
  • A Reflection page for students to share their mathematical understanding

Math Fluency Games

Games are a fun way for students to develop, maintain, and reinforce mastery of essential mathematical concepts and processes. Each kit in Focused Mathematics Intervention includes 6 Math Fluency Games: 3 Math Fluency Game Sets and 3 Digital Math Fluency Games.

Each game provides:

  • Reinforcement of mathematics skills in a game format
  • Engaging and age-appropriate art and themes
  • Opportunities for individual and group play
  • Immediate feedback through sound effects (digital games)

Focused Mathematics Intervention: Level 1 Kit

Assessment Guide

Each level of Focused Mathematics Intervention provides teachers with numerous opportunities for assessment in print and digital formats.

  • Pretest
  • Progress monitoring
  • Posttest
  • Performance Tasks

Electronic versions of the Pretest and Posttest assessments are designed to extend student exposure to electronic standardized test platforms. Once students have completed either test, the teacher can gather individual, group, and class scores, allowing easier assessment and planning of instruction.

Assessment Guide

Digital Resources

  • PDFs of all student materials, game sets, activity sheets, assessments, and more
  • PDFs of teacher resources including 30 Refocus mini lessons in PDF and PowerPoint®
  • Digital Math Fluency Games
  • Electronic versions of the Pretest, Posttest, Performance Tasks, and reporting tools
Focused Mathematics Intervention: Level 1 Kit