Mathematics Readers 2nd Edition: Grade 3 Add-on Pack (Spanish Version)

  • Grade: 3
  • Lexile: 530L-760L
  • Guided Reading Level: Q-T
  • Item: 29293
  • ISBN: 9781425828172
  • Language: Spanish

Expand your classroom library with these Spanish math readers! This Add-on Pack includes one copy of each of the 20 titles included in Mathematics Readers 2nd Edition: Grade 3 Kit (Spanish Version). These books integrate math and literacy skills, combining informational text, problem-solving, and real-world connections to help grade 3 students explore mathematics in a meaningful way. Concepts covered in this kit include: addition; subtraction; multiplication; division; arithmetic patterns; fractions; measurement and data; operations and algebraic reasoning; geometry; perimeter; area; volume; mass; problem solving; data analysis; patterns; 2-D shapes; 3-D shapes; measuring objects; measuring time; reading and understanding graphs; and financial literacy.

Mathematics Readers 2nd Edition: Grade 3 Add-on Pack (Spanish Version) includes:

  • La historia de los sistemas numéricos (The History of Number Systems)
  • Animales asombrosos: Ballenas salvajes (Amazing Animals: Wild Whales)
  • Tu mundo: Secretos de los supermercados (Your World: Shopping Secrets)
  • CTIM: La ciencia de los viajes (STEM: The Science of Travel)
  • Aventuras de viaje: Carlsbad Caverns (Travel Adventures: Carlsbad Caverns)
  • Diversión y juegos: Planifiquemos una fiesta perfecta (Fun and Games: Planning a Perfect Party)
  • Animales asombrosos: Campamento de criaturas (Amazing Animals: Critter Camp)
  • CTIM: Misión a Marte (STEM: Mission to Mars)
  • Deportes espectaculares: Las carreras más duras del mundo (Spectacular Sports: World's Toughest Races)
  • La historia de las innovaciones victorianas (The History of Victorian Innovations)
  • Arte y cultura: Postres alrededor del mundo (Art and Culture: Desserts Around the World)
  • Diversión y juegos: A tiempo para el parque de atracciones (Fun and Games: Clockwork Carnival)
  • Cuestión de dinero: ¿Cuánto vale? (Money Matters: What's It Worth?)
  • Tu mundo: Investiguemos las medidas (Your World: Investigating Measurement)
  • Aventuras de viaje: El Gran Cañón (Travel Adventures: The Grand Canyon)
  • En el trabajo: Paisajistas (On the Job: Landscape Architects)
  • Ingeniería asombrosa: Rascacielos notables (Engineering Marvels: Stand-Out Skyscrapers)
  • En el trabajo: Contratistas (On the Job: Contractors)
  • Arte y cultura: Historias de las constelaciones: (Art and Culture: The Stories of Constellations)
  • Arte y cultura: Exploremos el Louvre (Art and Culture: Exploring the Louvre)
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