Mathematics Readers 2nd Edition: Grade 6 Add-on Pack

  • Grade: 6
  • Item: 27590
  • ISBN: 9781425859398
  • Language: English

This Add-on Pack includes one copy of each of the 20 titles included in Mathematics Readers 2nd Edition: Grade 6 Kit. These high-interest math readers integrate math and literacy skills, combining informational text, problem-solving, and real-world connections to help grade 6 students explore mathematics in a meaningful way.

Mathematics Readers 2nd Edition: Grade 6 Add-on Pack includes:

  • Travel Adventures: Komodo National Park: Operations with Whole Numbers
  • Art and Culture: Origami: Dividing Fractions
  • The Hidden World of Urban Farming: Operations with Decimals
  • STEM: Living with Type 1 Diabetes: Understanding Ratios
  • Money Matters: School Fundraisers: Problem Solving with Ratios
  • Fun and Games: The Wild World of Birding: Using Ratios
  • Spectacular Sports: Motocross: Rational Numbers
  • Fun and Games: Disc Golf: Rational Numbers
  • On the Job: Underwater Investigators: Plotting Rational Numbers
  • The Hidden World of Hackers: Expressions
  • On the Job: First Responders: Expressions, Equations, and Inequalities
  • STEM: The Remarkable Ringed Planets: Problem Solving with Variables
  • Engineering Marvels: Muscle Cars: Graphs, Tables, and Equations
  • Travel Adventures: Banff National Park: Area
  • Fun and Games: Escape Rooms: Polygons
  • Amazing Animals: Terrarium Pets: Volume
  • Engineering Marvels: Buildings Around the World: Nets and Surface Area
  • Spectacular Sports: Baseball: Statistical Questions and Measures
  • The History of Listening to Music: Displaying Data
  • Amazing Animals: Working Dogs: Summarizing Data
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