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Mathematical Discourse: Let the Kids Talk!

ISBN: 9781425817688
Item: 51768

Mathematical Discourse: Let the Kids Talk! provides teachers with the tools they need to facilitate mathematical discourse in the 21st century classroom and create opportunities for students to think constructively, communicate effectively, and increase mathematics proficiency. This essential math resource will help teachers develop a new set of pedagogical skills and strategies to assess, plan, and organize their classrooms in a manner that is conducive to mathematical discourse.

With helpful tips and strategies that are easy to implement, this standards-based book supports an equitable learning environment by encouraging active listening, clear communication, justification of perspective, and acknowledgement of students' experiences. Each chapter includes Culturally and Linguistically Responsive Teaching and Learning strategies to address cultural norms for diverse populations and support the needs of English language learners.

With tips for implementing Math Talks and Number Talks in the classroom, this resource will teach K-12 students how to think and speak like mathematicians as they approach learning mathematics with confidence.

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Customer reviews:
By TJ J., May 28, 2018
5 out of 5 stars
As a Math Coach and Consultant I travel around the country and world. Teachers, in general, are not struggling with implementing the new content standards that we have across the United States. It's the shift in HOW we are teaching mathematics that is the challenge for most teachers. This book is like a recipe to how to use any publisher program, material, resource, or math tasks lifted off the web with depth. How to facilitate discourse with students. Ideas and strategies any teacher can implement into his or her classroom starting tomorrow. I see this being the perfect book to do a book study with colleagues or at a PLC. One chapter a week for 6 weeks or 2 chapters a week for 3. Follow up lessons, and lesson study could be a perfect way for teachers to practice the ideas and strategies laid out for teachers to use and to assimilate into their own practice. Every school and every teacher needs this book! Dr. Blanke has a wealth of resources both tried and true and newer including wonderful website references to extend one's learning.