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Science Readers

Help students explore, collaborate, inquire, and think critically about science!

Integrate science and literacy instruction through meaningful science content. Our award-winning science curricula feature high-interest, leveled informational texts and thoughtfully designed lesson plans across all science strands: life science, physical science, Earth and space science, and scientific practices. Hand-on science activities cultivate crucial-thinking skills and support STEM education and the 5E Instructional Model.

Science Readers
Science Readers


This research- and standards-based series was designed by Teacher Created Materials to increase students' reading comprehension and knowledge of key scientific concepts.

  • Engaging science readers feature dynamic photos, chars, illustrations, sidebars, and simple science experiments to keep students motivated while reading and comprehending science content.
  • Cultivate an inquiry-based learning environment and support active learning.
  • Each reader has an accompanying teacher-guided lesson plan that addresses both literacy and science objectives.
  • Minimize prep time with carefully thought-out lesson plans, multiple assessment types, and differentiation strategies.
  • Increase student engagement by integrating technology into instruction with Interactiv-eBooks (not included in all levels), audio recordings of books, and additional digital resources.

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