Identify, reverse, and prevent learning loss with intervention and at-home learning resources that support you wherever you are teaching today and in the future: in the classroom, at home, or online.

Professional Learning

Intervention Products

Focused Reading Intervention

Reverse the learning loss experienced by many students this year through focused instruction of key literacy skills and comprehension strategies. Designed with flexibility in mind, this resource can be used effectively in remote, hybrid, or traditional instructional models.

Focused Mathematics Intervention

Identify learning gaps in key math concepts and reverse learning loss with this engaging, standards-based, math intervention program. Designed with flexibility in mind, this easy-to-use resource can be used effectively in remote, hybrid, or traditional instructional models.

Exploring Reading

Identify and reverse learning gaps in reading with a flexible intervention program that is easy to implement in a variety of instructional settings. Introduce, reinforce, or remediate the most vital comprehension skills by allowing students to read, write, speak, and listen with powerful, relevant texts to get them back on track.

Language Power

Empower language learners to build English-language proficiency with this highly differentiated and rich instructional resource. Each kit provides rigorous English language development instruction in the four language domains: listening, speaking, reading, and writing.


Building Vocabulary

Build academic vocabulary in as little as 20 minutes a day. Set students up for academic success across the content areas with this systematic approach to teaching vocabulary. Empower students with the tools and strategies they need to decode words independently across multiple content areas both inside and outside of school.

The Reading Intervention Toolkit

This practical resource offers classroom-tested interventions to use with struggling readers in 5-, 10 to 15-, and 30 to 40-minute settings. It provides support for implementation, management, and assessment to support students’ comprehension of both literary and informational text.

At-Home Learning Resources

Take-Home Backpacks

Each backpack includes a variety of engaging resources to reinforce learning and prevent learning loss. There are also parent-involvement resources that are designed to minimize learning loss and give parents confidence in providing the necessary support their children need at home.

Kids Learn!

This parental-involvement resource helps prevent learning loss that takes place during breaks from school. The standards-based activities in reading, writing, and mathematics both reinforce learning from the recently completed school year and prepare students for the upcoming grade level.

Power Up!

Power Up! reviews what students learned in school, prevents learning loss, and helps them prepare for the year ahead. These fun and stimulating activities provide practice that keep reading, writing, and mathematics skills sharp while students are away from school. Available in Spanish and Bilingual Support.

Let's Learn!

Not sure what school will look like this year? Let’s Learn! and Let's Learn More! are designed to provide a combined 36 weeks of learning whether it be virtual or in-person. It is student, teacher, and parent-friendly and serves as a baseline for every subject. Pairing familiar subjects with unfamiliar learning environments, Let’s Learn! is the perfect resource for any school, teacher, or parent who’s unsure what the new school year will bring.

Let's Learn! Backpacks

Keep students on track, prevent learning loss, and prepare for unknown learning environments! These take-home backpacks support students in a variety of settings, including hybrid learning, virtual learning, and homeschooling. With a combination of readers, parent support resources, and a Let’s Learn! activity book, these backpacks will reinforce learning from school or provide structure for independent learning.

Parent Guides

Get parents and teachers working together to increase student achievement with these engaging Parent Guides! These helpful guides provide reinforcement for what the teacher is teaching in fourth grade and include ideas for turning everyday actions into learning opportunities, encouraging children to practice important life skills.

Professional Development


Build your teachers’ capacity and effectiveness with high-yield instructional practices. We provide engaging training infused with best practices and practical strategies for intervention. If you are looking to bring your students up to grade level, support your English language learners, or learn effective intervention strategies for all learners, we can help.

Best Practices Webinars

Our webinars provide educators with at their fingertips professional learning practices based on the most effective strategies for intervention. They are a great tool to sustain professional learning and to focus on a key topic or strategy.

Virtual Product Launches

We’ll help you to effectively implement our intervention resources and maximize your investment. When you add a Virtual Product Launch to your order, you will have continued access to effective implementation practices provided by one of our content area experts.