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Effective Teaching in Today's Classroom Set of 8

ISBN: 9781425817275

This invaluable collection of professional development resources for both new and seasoned educators. These resources on educational theory and practice are rooted in current research findings and best practices. The classroom-tested ideas and resources are easy to implement, and provide tips and strategies to facilitate a positive classroom and learning environment.

These resources cover a wide range of topics that are relevant to today's classroom environment including integrating technology, helping English language learners succeed, preparing a differentiated classroom, and classroom management. Resources included in this set:

  • Differentiating the Curriculum for Gifted Learners 2nd Edition
  • Fostering Writing in Today's Classroom
  • Integrating Technology into the Curriculum 2nd Edition
  • Classroom Management for Successful Instruction
  • Helping English Language Learners Succeed
  • Teaching Mathematics Today 2nd Edition
  • Teaching Science Today 2nd Edition
  • Teaching Social Studies Today 2nd Edition

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