Free Writing, Reading, and Learning Resources for Students and Their Teachers.

Engage and inspire your children through poetry and literature with powerful insight from award-winning author Kwame Alexander and some of his friends. These short videos and quick lessons offer a practical and fun way to teach (and learn) at home.

Videos from Kwame

Throwback: Extended Book Trailer for The Crossover
Free Literature Guide Pages for The Crossover
Kwame Introduces Spine Poems
Free Poetry Lessons from The Write Thing
Kwame Introduces Borrowed Poems
Free Borrowed Poems from The Write Thing
Kwame Reads His Poem “The Undefeated”
Watch ESPN’s short film of “The Undefeated”
Kwame and Randy Performing THE UNDEFEATED
More Free Poetry Lessons from The Write Thing

Videos from Kwame’s Friends

Aimee Lucido on Revision Made Easy
Free Revision Chapter from The Write Thing
Mintie Das on “Brown Girl Ghosted"
Free Reading Lesson from Reading Strategies
Meet the Illustrator: Raul the III
Free Journaling Lessons from Writing Strategies

Supporting Resources

The Write Thing
The Write Thing
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Writing Strategies for Fiction
Writing Strategies for Fiction
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