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Guided Math

Create a classroom environment of numeracy and mathematical discourse and engage all learners in connecting mathematics to their own lives.

Use proven literacy strategies for effective mathematics instruction! These resources by Teacher Created Materials are organized by the seven instructional components that set the foundation for Guided Math implementation. When used together, they provide a practical, effective, research-based approach to mathematics instruction. 

Guided Math
Guided Math


This series includes activities that are designed to be hands-on, problem-solvable, and appease a variety of group sizes to guarantee learning in a fun and challenging medium.

  • Promote an environment of numeracy and help students connect math to their everyday lives 
  • Help teachers plan, organize, implement, and manage Guided Math Workstations 
  • Recommendations for promoting student improvement through conferences 
  • Daily math stretches jump start students' minds and get them thinking mathematically 
  • Research-based lessons integrate proven literacy strategies 
  • Strategies for small-and whole-class instruction 
  • Ongoing assessment drives instruction to make teaching more effective