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Digital Resources

  • Interactive whiteboard activities for multi-modal learning.
  • Interactive page-turning books to excite young learners.

Bonus art to extend learning.

  • Reproducibles of all pages, vocabulary concept cards, blackline masters of books and song lyrics.
  • Parent letters in English and Spanish to foster parent-teacher communication.
  • Includes Assessment checklist (also available in customizable Microsoft Word document).
  • Vocabulary list to highlight new terms. Recommended reading list.

Audio Recordings

  • Audio recordings of songs (with lyrics), songs (instrumental), audio recording of concept book, and audio recording of traditional song or rhyme.

Videos Support

  • kit contents and vocabulary instruction through video clips.

Teacher's Guide

  • Quickly plan and implement lessons that generate excitement and create meaningful experience to the real world.
  • Includes lesson plans for each book and provides implementation and planning options.
  • Provides easy-to-use lesson plans for a comprehensive curriculum or as supplemental activities around a theme.
  • Focuses on literacy, phonemic awareness and phonics, math, social studies, science, music and movement, and art.
  • Select from the Menu of Lesson Choices for flexible implementation and planning.


  • Concept Cards Vocabulary Concept Cards build key vocabulary with full-color pictures on the front and feature literacy activities on the back.
  • Literacy activies allow teachers activate prior knowledge, develop phonemic awareness and phonics, and build knowledge and comprehension.

Lap Books

  • 3 titles, 1 copy each of enlarged lap size text for teacher read-aloud as children gather close for learning activities.


  • 3 titles, 6 copies each, 16 pages per book in print and digital forms.
  • 3 types of books: concept, traditional song or rhyme, and wordless photo book that present children with different genres of text related to the kit's theme.

Student Engagement

  • Specially designed for early childhood students and their unique needs and learning styles.
  • Activities generate excitement and create meaningful connections to the real world.

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Sample Pages

Early Childhood Themes Sample Pages

Want to see all the great resources that are included with this product?

This sample includes the following:

  • Teacher's Guide Cover (1 page)
  • Table of Contents (1 page)
  • Introduction (2 pages)
  • Lesson Plan (1 page)
  • Vocabulary Concept Card (2 page)
  • Song Page from Unit Resource (1 page)
  • Pattern Page from Unit Resource (2 pages)
  • Reader (9 pages)

Smoothing the Road to Reading with Vocabulary Activities for Early Learners

One of the key elements to reading comprehension is vocabulary. If you think of all the layers of comprehension like building a road, you need to think of vocabulary building like filling the potholes in the road. If the vocabulary knowledge is incomplete, the road to comprehension will be bumpy.

In this workshop, educators will:

  • Discover vocabulary ideas for engaging students in developing meaningful vocabulary
  • Reinforce the importance of vocabulary to all learners
  • Compile practical instructional ideas for vocabulary development
  • Reflect on ways to support early readers with vocabulary
Training Options

Keynote Presentations and Webinars


On-Site Coaching

Best Practices Webinar

Literacy, Language, and Learning: Effective Strategies for Early Childhood Instruction

Learn to meet the unique needs of early childhood students, including their ability levels and interests, with engaging activities and strategies for utilizing thematic curricula.

Educators in this workshop will:

  • Learn developmentally-appropriate instructional strategies to move students forward in their academic and social growth.
  • Create daily lesson plans and thematic units using tools and structures to make this task easier.
  • Discover the impact that a rich oral language experience can have on English language learners.
  • Help students detect and manipulate language through songs, role-playing, and other engaging activities that support the development of early literacy skills
  • Learn the important components needed to develop structure and a positive environment and explore the best practices to create a sense of order, continuity, and routine
Training Options


On-Site Coaching

Best Practices Webinar


   The wordless books will help develop oral language especially for my ELL students.  

   [These books] are designed to get the very young to imagine and participate in the shared reading experience. The text flows effectively and incorporates clean, lively, and intriguing photos, which become helpful clues to the overall meaning for visual and inexperienced readers.  

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