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Document-Based Assessment Activities, 2nd Edition ebook

ISBN: 9780743964388
Item: 116869E

Today's students need opportunities to evaluate sources and use evidence to support their conclusions. This K-12 resource provides both instructional support for teachers as well as a myriad of differentiated learning opportunities for students. Through the activities in this book, students will ask and answer compelling questions, analyze primary sources, approach learning through an inquiry lens, and hone their historical-thinking skills. Features include:

  • Over 80 easy-to-implement document-based assessment activities cover a wide range of historical topics
  • Strategies for analyzing primary sources with helpful how-to tips
  • Essay writing templates prepare students for today's standardized tests
  • Document-based assessments with a scaffolded framework build and strengthen students' analytical skills and visual literacy
  • A clear progression from preliminary to advanced levels across four grade spans
  • Clear and concise teaching guides with a variety of document-analysis templates that guide students to think like historians

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