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Deborah Farmer Kris

Deborah Farmer Kris is a child development expert and parent educator. She serves as a columnist and consultant for PBS KIDS, and she writes for NPR's MindShift and other national publications. Over the course of her career, Deborah has taught almost every grade K-12, served as a school administrator, directed leadership institutes, and presented to hundreds of parents and educators around t…

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Benjamin Farrey-Latz

Benjamin Farrey-Latz is a special education teacher (grades 3–5) in the Saint Paul School District.

He has worked in education since 1996 in private, public, and charter schools as both a general and special education teacher. After working several years at the elementary level, Benjamin completed his master’s degree at the University of Minnesota.

His thesis focused on methods of teach…

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Alison Feigh

Alison Feigh serves as the program coordinator at the Jacob Wetterling Resource Center, a program of the National Child Protection Training Center.

Influenced at an early age by the abduction of classmate Jacob Wetterling, she became an avid spokesperson on issues of personal safety. Alison has been tackling the problem of missing and exploited children for over twenty years—providing educat…

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Kimberly Feltes Taylor

Kimberly Feltes Taylor has written over fifteen books for young people, including the popular Yolanda series of advice books, which provide tips for dealing with peer pressure, family issues, friendship problems, money management, and workplace dilemmas.

Kim has also written dozens of classroom magazine articles.

She lives in the Twin Cities of Minnesota.

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Stephanie Filio, M.Ed.

Stephanie Filio, M.Ed., is a middle school counselor in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

She received her undergraduate degree in interdisciplinary studies from the University of Virginia and her M.Ed. in counseling from Old Dominion University. In a discussion with one of her UVA professors about her desire to stay in school forever, her mentor wisely responded, “If you want to be a lifelong …

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Annie Fox

Annie Fox, M.Ed., is an internationally recognized parenting expert, family coach, and trusted online adviser for teens. She teaches teens to effectively manage their emotions so they can think more clearly and act with more respect for themselves and others.

After graduating from Cornell University with a degree in human development and family studies, Annie completed her master’s in educat…

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Janet S. Fox

Janet Fox writes award-winning fiction and non-fiction for children of all ages. Her published works include the non-fiction middle grade book Get Organized Without Losing It (Free Spirit, 2006), and three YA historical romances: Faithful (Speak/Penguin Group, 2010), Forgiven (Penguin, 2011), and Sirens (Penguin, 2012). Janet's debut middle grade novel The Charmed Children of Rookskill Castle…

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Erin Frankel

Erin Frankel loves telling stories of hope and wonder. She is the author of the Weird Series (Free Spirit, 2012), Remembering Barkley (Albert Whitman & Company, 2020), A Plate of Hope (Random House Studio, 2024), and Mary Oliver, Holding on To Wonder (Calkins Creek, 2025). Erin has an M.A. in English education and is passionate about teaching and writing. She lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, a…

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Judy S. Freedman, M.S.W.

Judy S. Freedman, M.S.W., L.C.S.W., is a licensed clinical social worker with more than thirty years of therapeutic and educational experience with children, adolescents, and adults.

During her more than two decades as a social worker in elementary schools, she created the Easing the Teasing program, which empowers kids with essential skills and strategies to handle teasing incidents, and which wa…

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Rachel Funez

Rachel Funez was born in the United States, spent most of her childhood living in Latin America, and is now an attorney raising multicultural children in Peru with her Honduran American husband. Rachel knows exactly what it's like to have ADHD and anxiety. She still uses her Breath Blasters, Stellar Self-Talk, Senses Scanner, and other tools to get through lots of tough and scary moments. She wis…

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Kathleen McConnell Fad, Ph.D.

Kathleen McConnell Fad has a Ph.D. in learning disabilities and behavior disorders from The University of Texas at Austin.

Kathy was a general and special education teacher before working as a college professor and a consultant specializing in emotional and behavioral disorders. Her publications focus on practical strategies for teachers, counselors, and educational specialists.

Kathy has written…

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