Laura Robb

Laura Robb, M.S.Ed., is an author, teacher, coach, and speaker, with more than 40 years of teaching and coaching in grades 4-8. She coaches teachers and works in classrooms three to four months a year. For long‐term professional study projects, Robb works with those students who need the most support from teachers. A keynote and featured speaker at conferences, she leads workshops all over the United States and in Canada. Robb has written more than 25 books on literacy. She also writes articles for educational journals, posts on a variety of blogs, and publishes four newsletters a year for teachers on her website: Robb’s goal is to reach all learners by supporting teachers.

Titles From This Author

Shell Education

    The Reading Intervention Toolkit

    Grade: 4-8

    The Reading Intervention Toolkit

    Grade: 4-8

    • Interest Level: 3-10
    • Item Number: 51513
    • ISBN: 9781425815134

    Price: $45.99

    This practical resource contains classroom-tested interventions for struggling readers provided in 5-, 10 to 15-, and 30 to 40-minute settings.