Committed to creating a world in which children love to learn, Teacher Created Materials and Shell Education present a series of webinars bringing current information on topics you can't afford to miss!

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  • Culturally and Linguistically Responsive Teaching and Learning
  • Engage Me! Using Brain-Powered Strategies & Lessons
    • Engage your students, build higher-order thinking skills, and remove boredom from the classroom! Are you trying to figure out ways to fit all your curriculum, standards, and instructional needs in? Is that even possible? By using Brain-Powered Strategies and Brain-Powered Lessons, you can! Join author LaVonna Roth, M.S.Ed., as she focuses on engaging students by using strategies informed by brain research that pinpoint how the brain learns. Learn more!
  • Integrating the Arts Across the Content Areas
    • Creative thinkers. Effective communicators. Problem-solvers.
      Learn how arts integration improves instruction by going beyond the initial step of helping students learn and recall information. Reach the highest level of Bloom's taxonomy by guiding students in creating artistic products that build deeper understanding with authors Dr. Lisa Donovan and Dr. Louise Pascale. Learn more!
  • Learning through Poetry
    • Help early readers develop the connection between the sounds they hear and the words they see.
      Join the authors of Learning through Poetry, David Harrison and Mary Jo Fresch for a truly unique journey that explores how to use poems to point out particular sound patterns to help early learners build phonemic awareness and phonic skills through developmentally appropriate lessons and activities. Learn more!
  • Think It, Show It Mathematics
  • Think It, Show It Science
    • Communicate Scientific Thinking through Writing and Speaking
      "Science is what I was trained in, not English and grammar." Science teachers, regardless of what state you teach within, are you finding that you are required to incorporate more writing into your classrooms?  Join the author, Gregory Denman in this webinar as he provides you with assistance to guide students in communicating their scientific thinking through writing and speaking. Learn more!