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Kelli Allen, M.S.

Kelli Allen, M.S., teaches at the University of Texas at Austin and is a National Board Certified Teacher with over fifteen years of classroom teaching experience. Kelli received the National RadioShack Teacher Award in 2004, and was a National GIFT Fellow from Verizon in 2001. She was named the Outstanding Young Educator for Kansas and was a Kansas Teacher of the Year Nominee in 2001.

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Pam Allyn, M.A.

Pam Allyn, M.A., is the founder and executive director of LitWorld, a non-profit global literacy organization that works to develop sustainable solutions to illiteracy around the world. Pam also founded LitLife, an educational consulting group that provides achievement-driven professional development for educators. She is literacy expert, motivational speaker, and author of dozens of books on r...

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Sara Armstrong, Ph.D.

Sara Armstrong, Ph.D., is an educational consultant, author, and presenter who provides resources and tools for educators. With more than 40 years as an educator, Armstrong has developed and implemented workshops on many topics, including information literacy, digital storytelling, technology integration, global resources for education, and project-based learning.

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