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Digital Resources

Supports whole-group instruction and independent work.

  • Incorporates a digital format of each title to engage students to build critical literacy skills.
  • Supplies ready-to-use videos, vocabulary pop-ups, and annotation samples to hold students' attention.
  • Provides interactive text cards that encourage students to share their ideas and read with a purpose.
  • Includes Interactiv-eBooks with audio support to encourage reluctant readers.

Virtual Learning Support

  • Recorded video tutorials for synchronous and asynchronous learning to help teachers and instructional aides understand how to implement the program for best results.

Watch a sample live/synchronous lesson

Watch a sample recorded/asynchronous lesson

Teacher's Guide

Provide teachers with the tools they need to do their jobs more effectively with easy-to-use, standards-based lesson plans.

  • Each lesson is organized in a consistent format for ease of use.
  • Provides a year long reading intervention curriculum with flexible pacing for easy implementation to core curriculum Key reading comprehension strategies and big ideas are explored across multiple texts.
  • Embedded strategies support culturally and linguistically diverse student and English language learners.
  • Aligned to McRel, Common Core State Standards, and other state standards.

8 Comprehension Strategy Posters

  • Includes colorful comprehension posters for visual reinforcement of reading strategies.

Best Practice Guide

  • Provides professional development support rooted in current research for easy teacher implementation.

Assessment Guide

  • Includes pre-tests, summative and formative assessments, as well as oral reading assessments to help teachers gather data and drive instruction.

Student Guided Practice Books

Students practice reading comprehension, vocabulary practice, and writing prompts with a variety of activities in full color.

  • 6 copies of the colorful Student Guided Practice workbook to reinforce concepts.
  • Features consumable texts, vocabulary practice, and writing prompts to engage and cognitively stimulate the learners.

Nonfiction Leveled Readers

Nonfiction, leveled readers with content from TIME for Kids® provide exciting, multi-page texts to introduce the big idea and the comprehension strategy.

  • 8 titles, 6 copies each, 12-24 pages per book, print and digital formats.
  • Each full-color book features high-interest content, dynamic photos, detailed sidebars, stimulating facts, and clear, informational text to engage students as they build their critical literacy skills.
  • Texts include informational features like table of contents, glossary, and index to improve academic vocabulary.

Text Cards

High-interest, full-color Text Cards from TIME for Kids® provide short, rich passages across content areas and genres to simulate texting environments.

  • 24 titles, 6 copies each to connect content, vocabulary, and reading strategies to engage all learners.

Literature Selections

The Great Works Literature Guides and accompanying books allow students to build stamina and to read more complex literature.

  • 2 titles, 6 copies each plus 1 Literature Guide per title.
  • Gives students the opportunity to build reading dexterity as they apply multiple strategies to full-length, grade-level text.

Additional Benefits

Spanish kits include text cards and nonfiction readers in Spanish.

  • Readers and text cards are child-friendly topics to pique student interest and inspire reading for enjoyment.

Student Engagement

Workbook pages can be completed independently, partnered or whole group to encourage higher achievement which leads to higher self-esteem.

  • Engages students to persevere in mastering foundational skills connected to the joy of reading.
  • Includes audio recordings to model reading fluency which helps build student confidence.
  • Offers interactive e-Books with audio support to encourage reluctant readers.

Exploring Reading Unboxing Video

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Sample Pages
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Exploring Reading Sample Pages

Want to see all the great resources that are included with this product?

This sample includes the following:

  • lessons
  • activity pages
  • teacher's guide pages
  • and more!

What the Science Says About Reading and Writing

Based on the brand new professional development book series, What the Science Says About Word Recognition, Reading Comprehension & Content Knowledge, and Writing… join co-author, Jen Jump for an upbeat conversation about how a focus on the Science of Reading can enhance instructional practice through research and engaging strategies.

Price: FREE (Register and Watch Now)

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How to Make an Impact in Your Intervention Programs

Join this webinar to discover new approaches for implementing high-yield instructional strategies and systems during school intervention programs to accelerate student growth. We will discuss how to meet the needs of all students.

Price: FREE (Register and Watch Now)

Read more

How to Reverse Learning Loss in Reading in 2021

Shifts in the education landscape have forced teachers to learn new strategies to target and combat learning loss. Learn how to take advantage of key instructional and intervention time to support student learning and reverse learning loss.

Price: FREE (Register and Watch Now)

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Intervention Strategies for Reading

Learn new ways to engage and support students with reading intervention that works at-home, online, or in the classroom.

Price: FREE (Register and Watch Now)

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Short Texts with Big Impact

Short texts provide powerful teaching opportunities that support a variety of instructional needs, content areas, and reading levels. Some of our favorite classroom texts can take a great deal of instructional time to complete, leaving little time for in-depth discussions and analysis. Rich, short texts allow for immediate impact and repeated readings. Join us as we look at the unique benefits of short texts as part of our classroom instruction.

Price: FREE (Register and Watch Now)

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Making the Complex Simple: Using Rigorous Texts

Students need to access rich, challenging text to develop knowledge, build vocabulary, and improve comprehension across the content areas.

In this session, learners will:

  • Identify nuances within text that make it difficult.
  • Develop understanding of student-centered ways to support knowledge and vocabulary development.
  • Encounter and practice strategies to empower students to conquer challenging text.
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On-Site Coaching

Best Practices Webinar


 Encourages the use of different multiple intelligences and makes sure to incorporate them, beyond the one that is yours personally.  

 Exploring Reading provides instructional unit overview and address the needs of ELL & below level learners.  

 I observed my students transferring the skills and strategies from the program into other texts.  

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Life in Numbers: Choose Your Career ebook

Featuring TIME For Kids content, this nonfiction reader explores the topic of choosing a career path. This high-interest title will keep grade 5 students engaged in reading as they build their critical literacy skills.

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