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Digital Resources

  • All components of this product are available and included in digital formats, including read-along ebooks, PDFs of student pages, PDFs of books, and audio recordings for books.

Multimedia Resources

  • Enhance student engagement with videos to introduce civics topics.
  • Extend learning with additional songs, videos, and audio recordings related to civic education.
  • Professional Development videos by iCivics build civics knowledge and teacher's confidence.

Management Guide

  • Integrate literacy and civic education to help students gain civics knowledge, practice civics skills, and develop civics dispositions with this easy-to-use Management Guide.
  • Explores current research and best practices for teaching civics successfully.
  • Addresses relevant civics topics while guiding students to become civic-minded members of society.
  • Meets state and national standards in literacy and social studies while building 21st century civics skills.

Lesson Plans

  • Teach students the ins and outs of civic education with standards-based lesson plans.
  • Integrates literacy and civic education to maximize learning.
  • Focuses on critical thinking, thoughtful discussions, and activities that guide students to become civic-minded members of society.

Nonfiction Books

  • Topic-driven books help students explore social issues, understand government, make logic-based arguments, and consider different options.
  • 10 titles, 6 copies each in print and digital formats.
  • Introduces students to current civics issues and events that are relevant to students’ experiences with engaging readers based on current civics topics.
  • Grabs student’s attention with embedded fictional stories directly connected to the civics topics.

Civics Game Cards

  • Motivate students to participate and positively affect learning with engaging, collaborative game cards.
  • 6 decks of civics game cards in each grade level
  • Reinforces civics knowledge and skills in fun and collaborative ways.

Student Engagement

  • Builds literacy and civics knowledge with high-interest books that teach the ins and outs of civics.
  • Provides opportunities for students to actively apply learning through varying civic-minded activities.
  • Allows students to explore their communities and local, state, and federal government.
  • Enhances critical-thinking skills with engaging civic discourse.

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iCivics Readers Sample Pages

This sample includes the following:

  • Management Guide Cover (1 page)
  • Management Guide Table of Contents (1 page)
  • How to Use this Resource Pages (10 pages)
  • Sample Reader (17 pages)
  • Sample Lesson Plan (16 pages)
  • Sample Civic Discourse Lesson (1 page)
  • Sample Game Cards (6 cards)

iCivics Readers Unboxing Video


Why Civics? Why Now? Re-Imagining Civic Education for the Next Generation

A healthy constitutional democracy requires a citizenry that has the knowledge, skills, and desire to participate in it. To motivate the next generation of students to gain civic knowledge, practice civic skills, and develop a civic mindset, they need the right tools. Guide students to become civic-minded members of society by providing more instructional time for civics coupled with deeper integration of civics content in literacy instruction.

TCM and iCivics have partnered to produce relevant, engaging, and classroom-ready resources designed for that very purpose. Come learn about these brand-new kits -- iCivics Readers -- that empower students to hone both their literacy and their civic literacy at the same time!

Price: FREE (Register and Watch Now)

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Inquiry-Based Active Learning Strategies for Social Studies

Inquiry-Based learning gives students agency over their learning and develops student-generated questioning skills. When educators apply active-learning techniques in social studies, students aren’t just students, they’re historians and researchers.

Price: FREE (Register and Watch Now)

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Bringing History to Life: Using Primary Sources in the Classroom

In this professional learning opportunity, teachers will experience engaging strategies to discover ways to use primary sources to bring history to life for all students.

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