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Praise for We Check In with Each Other

“I’m so thankful for this book that teaches the concept of checking in; this is an important step for consent. Lydia has once again created a diverse, inclusive, and easy to understand children’s book that tackles an incredibly complex topic in a way that will make it tangible for children of all ages. I plan on using this book often with families, parents, and children to explore the topic of consent. Well done!”—Heather C. Thompson, MS, LPC, RPT, A Safe Place to Grow Counseling
“Whether you’re a parent, caregiver, or teacher, We Check In with Each Other is a three-for-one when it comes to helping children learn foundational lessons in consent! Throughout his school day, Harrison checks in on his feelings, checks in on his peers’ interests, and accepts his peers’ choices, even when that means there’s a change in plans. This colorful book is foundational to some of the most important nuances that help kids develop healthy relationship skills they can use now and in the future.”—Sarah Casper, founder of Comprehensive Consent
“I really love the repetition of the messaging and the many examples the story offers to express the importance of checking in and communication that supports ongoing consent and body boundaries. And the informative breakdown in the back for caring adults is such a valuable support.”—Melissa Pintor Carnagey, LBSW, founder of Sex Positive Families

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