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Standards-Based Investigations: Science Labs Grades K-2 ebook

ISBN: 9781425893026
Item: 50163E

Inspire your curious scientists with interactive lab experiments and self-contained activities to improve critical-thinking skills and conceptual knowledge. Standards-Based Investigations: Science Labs teaches your grades K-2 learners through the inquiry process, where they record acquired knowledge in their observation notebooks to analyze their steps, processes, and results through writing and drawing. This resource supports core concepts of STEM instruction and builds college and career readiness skills.

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Customer reviews:
By Amanda A., April 15, 2016
5 out of 5 stars
My students liked the lab called What is Mold? on pages 75 and 76. It was a fun and safe way to learn about disgusting science projects that interest the students. I like that at the end of each lesson it gives you a 'Next Question' and a 'Notebook Reflection'.