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Building Vocabulary

Build academic vocabulary in as little as 20 minutes a day.

Set students up for academic success across the content areas with this systematic approach to teaching vocabulary. This flexible series focuses on vocabulary acquisition using Greek and Latin prefixes, suffixes, and bases which account for 90% of English words with two or more syllables. Empower students with the tools and strategies they need to decode words independently across multiple content areas both inside and outside of school.

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Building Vocabulary


This series by Teacher Created Materials was created by literacy experts and thought leaders based on strong and well-accepted research.

  • Minimize prep time with short, daily lessons and flexible pacing plans that can be implemented in any setting
  • Digital games provide fun, interactive, and meaningful practice and application
  • Reinforce and extend knowledge with practice activities that offer students opportunities to deeply understand words and their meanings
  • Gauge students' knowledge and retention with weekly assessments and pre- and post-tests
  • Support teacher capacity with targeted instruction on common spelling errors and issues
  • Cognate Connections supports Spanish speakers by making Spanish-English connections

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