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Lets Talk Math

Engage students as mathematical thinkers with this meaningful new approach to teaching math.

This series by Teacher Created Materials will make learning math more interesting and applicable to the real world by implementing structured, problem-solving routines.

Mathematics Readers, 2nd Edition

Efficiently integrate instruction in mathematics and language arts with high-interest math readers that focus on mathematical practices

Help students explore mathematics in meaningful ways with fiction and nonfiction texts that promote problem-solving skills and mathematical reasoning through real-world connections

Mathematics Booster Packs

Give your intervention programs a "boost" with reading and mathematics resources that are incredibly flexible for both teachers and students.

Extend your intervention instruction with student-friendly books and activities and teacher-friendly instructional support materials.

Guided Math Series

Create a classroom environment of numeracy and mathematical discourse and engage all learners in connecting mathematics to their own lives.

Use proven literacy strategies for effective mathematics instruction! These resources are organized by the seven instructional components that set the foundation for Guided Math implementation.

Focused Mathematics 

Reinforce key mathematical concepts and build mathematical fluency with this easy-to-use intervention program.

This versatile program incorporates effective, research-based intervention strategies while emphasizing critical areas of mathematical focus at each grade level. Students will learn how to be active math learners through explicit instruction of mathematical strategies through a strategic progression of math topics across the series scope and sequence.

Guided Math: A Proven Framework to Reach All Learners

With the learning disruption that has occurred over the past year, accelerating math learning is more imperative than ever before..

This live virtual event will demonstrate how the Guided Math Framework helps teachers identify and implement high-yield practices necessary to teaching complex mathematical content to all students.

Math Professional Resource Books

Browse the Professional Development books that include subject such as: Methods and Mathematics.


180 Days of Math and Problem Solving!

Practice Makes Perfect!

This best-selling series provides 180 days of daily practice with lessons designed to immerse students in each subject, learn key skills, and form good habits.

50 Leveled Math Problems

Multiply mathematical success through constant practice!

50 Leveled Math Problems is not only a fun way to ensure student improvement, but will challenge your students' minds in order to construct a comprehensive, mathematical foundation.

Math Games

Math Games + Skill-based Practice = Math Masterminds!

Reinforce key mathematical concepts with fun and engaging skill-based games!