Diversity & Equity

Dear Teacher Created Materials Friends,

At Teacher Created Materials we have always embraced the idea that education is key to making real, meaningful societal change. As a company focused on quality education for all students, we feel that it is our responsibility to be part of that change.

The ongoing effects of systemic racism have been dominating the national dialog recently. TCM is actively participating in these discussions whether the subject is Black Lives Matter or more broadly the challenges faced by all persons of color. Throughout our company’s 43-year history TCM has always worked toward being anti-racist. And we are continually striving to be part of the solution for these issues through education.

As publishers, we have always worked to grow and diversify our company.  Today we are doubling our efforts to recruit diverse authors, illustrators, and employees to ensure that we have a range of authentic voices and perspectives throughout our company. We are reviewing everything from how we create our content to our hiring practices all with the goal of holding us accountable to the highest standards and to advocating against racism and the resulting inequities.  And while we have made progress we will never be done; it is an ongoing process and one we take very seriously.

Thank you to all of our customers, consultants, community partners, and employees who regularly hold a mirror up for us so that we can continue to honestly reflect and to strive to do better. To be better.


Yours in Education,

Rachelle Cracchiolo
Founder and CEO