Guided Math

Create a classroom environment of numeracy and mathematical discourse and engage all learners in connecting mathematics to their own lives.

Use proven literacy strategies for effective mathematics instruction! These resources are organized by the seven instructional components that set the foundation for Guided Math implementation. When used together, they provide a practical, effective, research-based approach to mathematics instruction. 

Professional Learning

Professional Development

Keynote Presentations

We are proud to work with some of the most well-known and in-demand authors and experts presenting the Guided Math topic today. Let us kick-off your Guided Math Implementation and get you started on the right track.

Guided Math Workshops & Best Practices Webinars

Our Guided Math Workshops and Webinars give you everything you need to successfully implement the Guided Math framework. We know what works because we have facilitated hundreds of successful Guided Math Implementations nationwide for nearly 10 years.

Coaching Opportunities


Our Guided Math ongoing coaching is targeted to specific professional learning goals and designed to support teachers and practitioners with this important work.

Professional and Classroom Resources

Guided Math: A Proven Framework for Success

This classroom-tested instructional framework creates an environment for mathematics that supports learning, fosters mathematical thinking and understanding, and meets the needs of all students. These professional books provide the support needed to implement Guided Math successfully.

Guided Math Workshop and Conferences

These must-have resources help teachers successfully plan, organize, implement, and manage the Guided Math Workshop model. They provide practical strategies for structure and implementation to allow time for teachers to conduct small-group lessons and math conferences to target student needs.

Daily Math Stretches: Building Conceptual Understanding

Jumpstart your students' minds with daily warms-ups that get them thinking mathematically. Daily Math Stretches offers practice in algebraic thinking, geometry, and measurement to provide an early foundation for mastering mathematical learning.

Guided Math Workstations


By implementing Guided Math Workstations, students will develop a deep conceptual understanding of math, acquire computational fluency, and become skilled thinking and acting mathematically.

Implementing Guided Math in Your Classroom

Help your students thrive using Guided Math! This 6-page guide offers insightful strategies to help you implement the seven Guided Math key instructional components. No matter what learning environment you're in, this guide will make math more engaging for your students by providing you with specific techniques, general wisdom, and the foundations for innovation.

Mathematics Readers, 2nd Edition


Mathematics Readers support and complement the Guided Math framework by helping teachers plan and implement various elements from the Guided Math framework, including Math Warm-Ups, Math Workshop, Math Conferences, and creating an Environment of Numeracy.