Language Power, 2nd edition

Build English Language Proficiency!

Anchored by dynamic, level-appropriate text sets and grounded in rigorous instruction in the four language domains, Language Power, 2nd Edition accelerates students’ English language proficiency.

Focused Reading Intervention

Evidence-based intervention for teaching students to read.

We're proud to provide educators with tailored resources that meet struggling readers where they are and bring them up to grade level. Our research-based reading intervention program addresses key reading and literacy skills with exposure to a wide range of fiction and nonfiction texts. Focused Reading Intervention provides multiple opportunities to use a variety of strategies to process complex texts. Students who struggle will strengthen their foundational reading skills and improve comprehension of informational text and literature.

Focused Mathematics Intervention

Math learning made easy: Evidence-based intervention for teaching students math skills.

This versatile program incorporates effective, research-based intervention strategies while emphasizing critical areas of mathematical focus at each grade level. Students struggling with common math concepts will learn how to use their own mathematical thinking through explicit instruction of mathematical strategies using a strategic progression of math topics across the series scope and sequence. Math intervention resources like this series can be used in a variety of instructional frameworks, settings, and schedules including summer school and after-school programs, or as part of a larger math intervention curriculum.

Exploring Reading

Guide all students to become strong, independent readers!

This strategic and comprehensive intervention program engages students to discover the true joy of reading while mastering foundational skills. Students will learn how to integrate essential reading strategies to successfully comprehend complex fiction and nonfiction text across a range of text types and lengths. Flexible implementation and pacing allow teachers to easily adopt it into their core language arts curriculum and close the learning gap.

Targeted Phonics

Provide opportunities for teaching early reading skills that will facilitate a basic understanding of the core principles of phonics and literacy for young children.

This fresh, current approach to teaching phonics is designed by renowned experts in early literacy to help students unlock words and build comprehension in a developmentally-appropriate way. This series of kits for Pre-K through Grade 2 was developed to unleash the world of phonics by engaging students with real-world context. It is intentional, purposeful, and accessible for all teachers and students.