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Guided Math Workstations Grades 6-8

  • Grade: 6-8
  • Item: 51730
  • ISBN: 9781425817305

This item is estimated to be available in August 2017. Please contact customer service at 800-858-7339 to pre-order.

Co-authored by Laney Sammons, a leading expert on the Guided Math framework, this essential classroom resource helps teachers successfully plan, organize, implement, and manage Guided Math Workstations. These effective and easy-to-implement workstation tasks help students practice, review and maintain mathematical concepts and skills during Guided Math Workshop. By implementing Guided Math Workstations, grades 6-8 students will develop a deep conceptual understanding of math, acquire computational fluency, and become skilled in thinking and acting mathematically. This K-2 resource covers a broad range of grade levels and resources that teachers can readily adapt to their classroom needs.

Each workstation task includes teacher directions to guide planning, student Task Cards with instructions and a materials list to support independence, and Talking Points cards to facilitate mathematical discourse. Each workstation task also includes multiple differentiation suggestions including differentiation by providing completely different tasks, providing variations of the same task, and providing multiple ways for students to show their learning. This guide will provide the information that teachers need to minimize preparation time and meet the needs of all students. Aligned to Common Core State Standards (CCSS), this practical, user-friendly resource is an excellent companion to Guided Math Workshop.

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