What makes an intervention successful?

  1. Ease of use for teachers?  
  2. Fun and engaging for students?
  3. Flexible instructional settings?

Check. Check. And check. Our Booster Packs deliver all of the above!

These flexible and effective Focused Reading and Mathematics Booster Packs feature engaging, high-interest books and student-friendly activities. The multi-modal activities accommodate different learning styles and can be quickly integrated into instruction with minimal prep time. Teachers can effortlessly customize pacing according to students' needs by assigning specific activities or by allowing students to choose their own activities.

Booster Pack Highlights 
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Booster Pack Highlights

  • The flexible instructional format can be used with independent centers, small groups, and whole-class instruction
  • Fiction and nonfiction titles have been carefully curated by teachers to capture a wide range of student interests across the content areas
  • Booster cards provide hours of reading and math practice and integrate the four domains of language: listening, speaking, reading, and writing
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