Estadounidenses asombrosos: Thurgood Marshall (Amazing Americans: Thurgood Marshall) 6-Pack

  • Grade: 3-4
  • Lexile: 620L
  • Guided Reading Level: S
  • Item: 22640
  • ISBN: 9781493806409
  • Language: Spanish

Engage third grade students to build literacy and social studies content knowledge in history with 6 copies of this title and a lesson plan.

Thurgood Marshall was an incredible man who lived during a time of great unfairness in America. Fighting for people and their civil rights, he believed that "separate but equal" was not fair. He became a justice for the Supreme Court where he helped change unfair laws for African Americans. Become acquainted with "Mr. Civil Rights" and discover how he made the United States a better place. Featuring dynamic primary sources, this high-interest Spanish book includes colorful images; text features such as a table of contents, glossary and index; and a Your Turn application activity at the end of the book.

The accompanying lesson plan provides 5 days of standards-based activities and features:

  • Before-, during-, and after-reading activities focused on reading, writing and social studies
  • A primary source activity with historical background
  • Spanish-translated student activity sheets, a multiple-choice quiz and a document-based assessment
  • Learning objectives, standards, materials and a suggested lesson timeline
  • Differentiation strategies for above- and below-level Spanish readers
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