So Many Henrys

  • Grade: 2-3
  • Lexile: 530L
  • Guided Reading Level: M
  • Item: 16602
  • ISBN: 9781433356025
  • Language: English

Who knew there was so much in a name? In this story, little Henry learns that he is not the only person with that name. There are other Henrys in the world. In fact, his grandfather has the exact same first, middle, and last name as Henry does! Henry is confused by this so he introduces himself to others. As Henry travels the world, he learns how to say his name in Dutch, German, French, and even Spanish! There were many names to remember for one little boy, too many names. Finally, at a rodeo, Henry earns the nickname Hank, the simplest, most original of them all. Thankfully, this name sticks! In this magical book, children will be introduced to cultures and languages from around the world. Coupled with quaint illustrations and a journey around the globe, this funny, fiction masterpiece shows readers that it doesn't matter what your name is. It's who you are inside that makes you unique.

Retail Price: $9.99
School Library Price: $7.49
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